Nitro-Arc Recipe

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How to make Nitro-Arc

About Nitro-Arc Recipe: A super refreshing whisky cocktail to kick start your next party. Nitro-Arc has a perfect concoction of sugar cubes, rye whisky, cognac and bitter muddled together with a kahlua mixture. Garnished with star anise seed this is one cocktail you will always come back to.

Ingredients of Nitro-Arc

  • 1 Sugar cube
  • 2 dashes bitter (to flavour)
  • 30 ml rye whiskey
  • 30 ml cognac
  • 1 tsp kahlua
  • 3 Star anise seed

How to Make Nitro-Arc

  • 1.Place sugar cube in mixing glass.
  • 2.Add bitter, whisky, cognac and muddle until sugar dissolves.
  • 3.Rinse a brandy balloon with kahlua and add the mixture.
  • 4.Garnish with star anise pods.
Key Ingredients: Sugar cube, bitter (to flavour), rye whiskey, cognac, kahlua, Star anise seed