Phirni And Chocolate Twister (Sugar-Free) Recipe

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Phirni And Chocolate Twister (Sugar-Free)
How To Make Phirni And Chocolate Twister (Sugar-Free)

About Phirni And Chocolate Twister (Sugar-Free) Recipe: A decadent Indian dessert, phirni, made absolutely free of refined sugar and with a spin of dark chocolate. Simply irresistible!

Ingredients of Phirni And Chocolate Twister (Sugar-Free)

  • 125 gms milk
  • 15 gms basmati rice
  • Elaichi powder as per taste
  • A pinch of saffron
  • 10 gms sugar substitute
  • 75 gms dark chocolate
  • 100 gms whipped cream
  • Equipments:
  • 6cm pastry mould with a height of 5cm
  • 1 ¼’’ pastry mould.

How to Make Phirni And Chocolate Twister (Sugar-Free)

  • 1.In a saucepan take milk and boil.
  • 2.Soak basmati rice for 40 minutes and leave it a side. After that sieve the rice so that the water drains.
  • 3.Blend it a bit. After blending add semi crushed rice to the boil milk.
  • 4.Then add elachi powder and saffron in it.
  • 5.Cook it for 20-25 minutes so that rice gets cooked and gets the required consistency of phirni.
  • 6.In last add sugar substitute in phirni and mix well.
  • 7.Put this phirni in a pastry mould of 1 ¼” and keep it in walk-in for half hour to set.
  • 8.Now take melted dark chocolate in bowl and mix well with the whip cream.
  • Assembling:
  • 1.In a 6cm pastry mould, insert the soft center (phirni) and aside pipe the chocolate cream around it.
  • 2.Put this twister in deep freezer to set for approximately 2 hours.
  • 3.After that de-mould it and its ready to serve.
Key Ingredients: milk, basmati rice, Elaichi powder as per taste, saffron, sugar substitute, dark chocolate, whipped cream, 6cm pastry mould with a height of 5cm, 1 ¼’’ pastry mould.