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  • Dabbawalas vs Rohinton Mistry - 'Such a Long Journey'

    More than two decades after Mumbai-born Canadian author Rohinton Mistry's derogatory reference to 'dabbawalas' in his book "Such a Long Journey" comes the reprisal in words -- a new book that unfolds the "wonders of ...

  • Dabbawalas of Mumbai: The Original Food Delivery Network in India

    It's been perhaps a decade, or two, since Mumbai has woken up to the brilliance of the dabbawalas, but they've been around from 1890. Here's their fascinating story.

  • Mumbai Dabbawalas launch a campaign to feed street children

    They daily serve home-cooked food to over 200,000 Mumbaikars, on occasions putting their own lives at risk. They've been the subject of a Harvard study and have been invited to attend a royal wedding. Now, ...

  • Mumbai Dabbawalas Seek Taxi Permits to Supplement Income

    Mumbai's famous dabbawalas now want to drive cabs to supplement their meager monthly income, earned by ferrying thousands of lunch-boxes daily, an office-bearer said here Wednesday."The state government is planning to revive and release around ...

  • Message drive by Mumbai dabbawalas for World Health Day

    Mumbai's famed 'dabbawalas' will join hands with the World Health Organization to draw attention towards prevention and control of vector-borne diseases (VBD). The Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust (NMTBSCT) will carry a special ...

  • On the Mumbai Dabbawalla's Trail

    Shobha Bondre's translated title, Mumbai's Dabbawallas, gives an honest insight into the pulse of this ever-expanding city and its indigenous food line the Dabbawalla.After the downpour of information regarding Mumbai's Dabbawallas, in the last few ...