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  • Delicious Movies - Oscar Menu Compilations

    The DescendantsHow do you take somber and mind-numbingly life altering situations and treat them to be as light as souffle - is the question on everybody's mind ever since 'The Descendants' came out. The credit ...

  • Royal Kitchens Revealing Secret Recipes

    Erstwhile royal families have closely guarded culinary secrets of their kitchens like treasures down the ages. But the struggle to keep the estates sustainable is forcing the descendents to open up.Nearly six decades after independence, ...

  • Kitchen Secrets of Confucius, the Great Chinese Philosopher

    The descendants of ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius are endeavouring to preserve and popularise the family's cuisine, as they believe his culinary thinking is largely ignored."Confucius was a great thinker and educator, but he was also ...

  • A guide to food and restaurants of Goa

    December-January is the season when the rest of the world descends on Goa. The local real-estate market heats up; so does the entertainment sector and the focus on Goa's vibrant if less controversial food culture. ...

  • FIFA World Cup 2014: Where to Eat in Manaus, Brazil

    The 20th FIFA World Cup will kick off in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July this year, with a total of 64 matches to be played in twelve cities across Brazil. With thousands of ...

  • After Delhi, Thick Smog Descends Over Lucknow

    The air quality in the Uttar Pradesh capital and nearby areas was said to be "alarmingly bad" and polluted for a second straight day on Monday, officials said.