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  • 6 Greek Foods That Are A Must Try

    As beautiful as the country of Greece is, the food that it offers is even more delectable. The finger-licking good delicacies are not only extravagant in presentation but also in their taste. The Greek food ...

  • Fitness Expert Kayla Itsines Calls This Greek Dish Her Go-To Balanced Meal

    Eating a balanced diet is of the utmost importance in the quest for weight loss. Here's the Greek dish that fitness trainer Kayla Itsines recommends.

  • How to Make the Perfect Greek Yogurt Dip

    Full-fat yoghurt is at the heart of this classic Greek dip, but the additions are up for grabs: should you dice your cucumber or grate it? Is punchy dill or cooling mint the perfect garnish? ...

  • 8 Healthy Food Tips The Cretans Knew First

    The ancient diet of the Cretans is once again gaining flavour as people are beginning to realise that "food" is far more than something we put in our mouths and swallow.

  • How Greek Food is Similar to Indian Cuisine

    Food in Athens with some complicated names for dishes may sound Greek! But even a die-hard Indian-food buff, wanting dal-vegetable-roti-rice on the plate each day, will find the fare in Greece quite welcome, both to ...

  • 6 Health Secrets of Greek Food

    Beautiful blue waters, sun-soaked beaches and white-walled towns, Greece is unmatched for its breathtaking landscapes. While that may have taken many of you miles away, my fantasy is incomplete without Greek food. During those long ...

  • Greek Pie on the Skinny Side

    But these are pies in the Mediterranean sense: something thin and crisp, with a smear of savory feta cheese and herbs, rather like a tender pizza with the filling on the inside.

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