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  • Chocolate Prunes Gujiyas

    About Chocolate Prunes Gujiyas Recipe: Indian sweet gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of maida or flour and filled with a sweet and nutty stuffing that no one can resist during the festival of Holi. The ...

  • Dried Fruit Pulao

    With apricots, prunes, almonds and oranges this rice dish is different and fruity perfect for a lavish dinner party.

  • Carrot, Peanut and Prune Salad

    A summer salad, tossed with a tangy caramel and orange dressing, that goes very well with Indian dishes. With the crunchiness of peanuts and carrots, this salad is a great option for a brunch.

  • Couscous with California Prune & Vegetable Tagine

    An exotic Moroccan centerpiece with the goodness of prunes, vegetables, pears and saffron. A hint of lemon and ginger powder can be tasted. Sprinkled with toasted almonds or pistachios before serving.

  • Caribbean Rice Salad

    A fantastic salad to serve at a lunch buffet and with Indian food.

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  • 7 Benefits Of Prunes: The Dry Fruit You've Ignored For Too Long

    Here's a list of 7 amazing prunes benefits. Prunes or dried plums help relieve constipation, improve vision, promote hair health and more.

  • Eat Prunes to Stay Slim

    Losing weight is one thing and maintaining that slim figure is quite another as most overweight people tend to regain the lost weight soon - unless you are in love with prunes!Researchers have found that ...

  • Why Prunes are Good for You

    Dried plums are not just sweet, succulent and chewy - they also help you to build strong bones.What would you prefer: a prune or a dried plum? They're the same thing, of course, but the ...

  • 20 Great Summer Dessert Recipes: 11-15

    Cakes, tarts and fools from some of Observer Food Monthly's favourite chefs.Thomasina Miers's gooseberry foolWhether it's prune fool in the depths of winter, apple fool through autumn and winter or summer fruit fools in the ...

  • Top 7 Calcium Rich Foods For Vegetarians and Vegans

    Calcium plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones and joints, strong teeth and healthy blood vessels. It also helps regulate blood pressure and prevent diabetes.

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