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  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Sugar on Top | Felicity Cloake

    Felicity Cloake tries your sugar-topped recipes, including rose petal shortbread and a fig and quince loaf.An irresistible theme - and, once I'd got over the disappointment at not having an excuse to make a creme ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Ripe

    Vegetable surpluses, hedgerow fruit feasts - autumn really is coming... we share your ripest recipes• The next theme will be SHAREABLE recipes. Send us your ideas!Harvest season is upon us: green-fingered friends are calling with ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Mayonnaise | Eve'O'Sullivan

    Your offbeat alternatives to the staple condiment, the definitive potato salad and a Russian classicThe quantity of eggs and oil I've consumed in the name of Reader's Recipe Swap this week has been quite obscene. ...

  • Reader's Recipe Swap: Dips

    It seems our readers will do all sorts of things with a camembert, frozen peas or peanut butter in pursuit of the perfect dip.There was a time in the early 1990s, when a dip quartet ...

  • Reader's Recipe Swap: Burnt

    We turn up the heat on a selection of your best blackened recipes.Burnt might not sound the most appetising theme, but as usual, you lot were on fire - introducing me to the joys of ...

  • Reader's Recipe Swap: American Treats

    Ever tried a sloppy joe? Nows the time, as our readers serve up a tasty helping of edible Americana just in time for Independence Day.

  • Reader's Recipe Swap: Noodles with Coconut and Coriander Pesto

    I go nuts for coconut, so this weeks theme has turned the supposedly most miserable week of the year into a round-the-world trip of brilliant breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

  • Reader's Recipe Swap: Veggie Roast

    Your inventive veg-based roast recipes give the tired old nut-roast a new lease of life

  • Reader's Recipe Swap: Midnight Feasts

    When your belly is begging for a late-night bite to eat, your recipes for noodle omelettes, chips and gravy, chorizo melts and sweet apple sticks hit the mark...

  • Reader's Recipe Swap: Cheesecake

    The old faithful of the dessert menu is endlessly adaptable, lending itself to perfumed fruit, salted caramel and savoury notes.

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