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  • Google Doodle Honours Japanese Green Tea Researcher Michiyo Tsujimura

    "Because of her breakthrough research, we now know what compounds make green tea beneficial to human health," Googles tweet on Michiyo Tsujimura reads.

  • Two Studies Cast Doubt On Credibility of Medical Research

    An accompanying editorial in PLOS Biology noted that a "credibility crisis" is ravaging scientific research.

  • Coffee may cut diabetes: new study

    Love coffee? You have a fresh reason to go for another cup as increasing daily coffee consumption may significantly reduce type 2 diabetes risk. According to a promising research led by an Indian-American researcher, people ...

  • Many GMO Studies have Financial Conflicts of Interest

    Financial conflicts of interest were found in 40 percent of published research articles on the genetically modified crops, also known as GMO crops, French researchers said this week.

  • Now, Non-Food Plants can Provide Nutrients

    Scientists have shown that a component of plant cells can be transformed into starch which consequently could be a potent source of nutrients.A team of Virginia Tech researchers has succeeded in transforming cellulose into starch, ...

  • Is Obesity a Genetic Disorder?

    In a new research, scientists have discovered that weight gain may have to do more with the genes linked to the digestive system than with appetite. People with fewer copies of a gene coding for ...

  • High Cholesterol Levels May Make it Harder to Get Pregnant

    If you're trying to get pregnant or are planning to in the near future, then it might be a good idea to get your cholesterol levels checked. Research suggests that high cholesterol levels may impair ...

  • Diabetic Women at Higher Risk of Heart Disease

    While diabetes is becoming more of an urban lifestyle disease affecting people of all ages, this new research bears a word of worry for women.The study appeared in the journal Diabetologia, the journal of the ...

  • Stress Can Make You Consume More Sugar!

    Most of us reach out for that tub of ice-cream or a bar of chocolate when feeling under the weather. But have you ever wondered why?This latest study shows how stressful situations can increase our ...

  • Fasting Can Help Strengthen Your Immunity

    Other than justifying your religious sentiments, fasting can also add to your health. A new study shows that fasting for eight days in a year can strengthen your immunity.According to the researchers, fasting helps the ...

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