Apple Pie

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  • Apple Pie

    A classic American dish, the apple pie has a filling of fresh apples, which get caramelised when baked, with a hint of cinnamon. The sweet filling of apples with the crunchy pastry of the pie ...

  • Old Fashioned Apple Pie

    Let the aroma of a freshly baked apple pie fill your home. Sprinkle in aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and team it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  • Apple Strudel

    Flaky crust outside, gooey apples inside. Create a warm apple strudel at home and serve with a dollop of ice-cream.

  • Apple Pie with Raisin Relish

    A double crust pie with cinnamon flavoured apple filling, finished with a raisin relish.

  • Apple and Date Pie

    A warm delight. Pie made with a gooey apple and dates filling.

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  • How to make the perfect apple pie

    Puff or shortcrust, cooking apples or dessert, cream or custard - and can plain old apple pie compete with tarte tatin and strudel?When something is described as "as American as apple pie", it simply means ...

  • Cook the Apples, Lose the Gap! Mastering a Better Apple Pie

    Any number of tasks may strike you as easy as pie, but anyone who's ever actually made a pie can tell you that it actually requires some care if you want it to turn out ...

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    As the apples fall freely from laden boughs, snatch them up while you can - then get peeling to make these American-style caramel pies and toffee fritters.We're lucky enough to have an apple tree in ...

  • How to Make Delicious Tarte Tatin

    Apple pie is not easy. I have executed lovely crusts folded around inedible sour fillings, perfect fruit sandwiched between a pale bottom crust and a burned lattice top, and most other permutations of pie fail. ...

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