In High Spirits

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  • High On Grass

    Feijoa vodka, sour apple liqueur, honey and apple juice teamed up and served in a wine glass.

  • Island Affair

    This drink is high on rum with a hint of mint.

  • Oriental Cooler

    High on berries and lemongrass, this vodka drink is a real cooler.

  • Grilled Lemon Margarita

    Vanilla infused tequila and vanilla liqueur served in a martini glass topped with a grilled lemon.

  • Kurumba Passion

    Cranberry , mango and pineapple juice combined with dark rum. Served in a tall glass with a slice of dragon fruit.

  • Bellini

    Peach puree with sparkling wine makes for an elegant drink. Enjoy!

  • Blonde Sangria

    Wine, vodka and fruits topped with apple soda.

  • Cherry Martini

    Gin, martini, cherry juice and liqueur shaken and served with cherries on top.

  • Classic Dry Martini

    The classic martini with vodka and scotch.

  • Cuban Martini

    Vodka, fruit juice and sparkling wine with an orange twist.

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  • Cooking in High Spirits

    How about some alcohol-infused food to keep you warm this winter and add an edge to your meals?1) Tequila Fired Chipotle King PrawnsRecipe by Vikas Seth, corporate head chef, SanchosIngredients:24 pieces King prawns, deveined with ...

  • The Dark Future of India

    While most of the country celebrates India's 68th Independence Day, a large part of it suffers in silence. This report doesn't intend to dampen the high spirits of people looking forward to a long weekend, ...