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    • The California Cabernet Sauvignons You Never Knew

      If you poke around the subdivisions in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, you may come across the remnants of La Questa Vineyard, which 100 years ago was thought to produce the finest cabernet sauvignon in California.

    • Top 10 Wine List So Good, It Takes 12 Bottles to Hold It

      Like restaurants, wines are ruled by context, and greatness can appear where you least expect it. Here are 10 favorites from 2015 (actually 12 bottles in no particular order), from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime.

    • Gigondas: The Red Wine Everyone's Taking About

      For the last few weeks, the subject has been Gigondas, a red wine from the southern Rhne often thought of as a diminutive (and cheaper) version of the majestic Ch"teauneuf-du-Pape.

    • 12 Wines Your Kitchen Can't Do Without

      For the occasional festivity, or simply for a platter of fried chicken or takeout sushi, a dry sparkling wine is a must. Why not Champagne?

    • Introducing Chinon: A Red Wine With Attitude

      No subject at Wine School has provoked more interesting conversation than Chinon, a red wine from the Loire Valley of France based on the cabernet franc grape.

    • White Bordeaux Demands Close Attention

      The last 25 years in wine have been signified by the discovery or rediscovery of regions unknown, obscure or half-forgotten.

    • Outdoor Wine Glasses, and a Bottle for the Picnic

      Drinking wine outdoors does not require a special set of rules.

    • The Right Wine to Drink With a Sandwich

      Bread and wine are a foundation of civilization. A sandwich simply adds other flavors to the equation, and very few foods won't be improved by wine.

    • Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Valentine's Day

      With the arrival of February comes a question as inevitable as long-stem roses, come-hither lingerie and ridiculously bad Valentines Day restaurant deals: What wine goes best with chocolate?

    • If Only the Grapes Were the Whole Story

      Wine has been described as the perfect beverage because the grapes contain all the ingredients necessary to create their transformation. Put grapes into a vat, and over time the yeasts coating the skins set alchemy in motion, converting the sugar in the...

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