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    • Doing Porridge: Prison, School and Hospital Meals Put to the Test

      Can prisoners learn to cook five-star meals? Could a top chef overhaul the canteen at an inner-city primary? Our restaurant critic gives the food the full review.

    • What a Dish! UK's Most Beautiful Plates of Food

      Restaurant plates have never looked more lovely. But do they have to be so complicated? The Guardians restaurant critic considers five modern masterpieces, from the Ledbury and Sat Bains, to Hedone and the Sportsman.

    • Cult Food: The Most Incredible Dishes to Share This Summer

      From clay-baked duck, smashed open at the table, to the worlds best bacon sandwich, here is 2015s must-eat and must-Instagram food.

    • Opinion: Love Chillies? Says a Lot About Your Personality

      For many men, competitive chilli chomping is a display of machismo, while women actually enjoy the burn.

    • The sad dinners for one that really shouldn't be photographed

      From the Dimly-Lit Meals Tumblr to Sad Desk Lunch, the internet is now a feast of sad food photography. Why this fascination with culinary car crashes?My Instagram feed is full of artfully arranged snaps of fantasy dinners in exotic locations, where the...

    • So mild cheese is in decline? Excuse me while I applaud

      It's plasticky, cheap and a non-food. Our tastes have matured away from rubbery blandnessIt is revolting, mass-produced "cheddar" that has done much to damage the cheese's ubiquity on our dining tables and in our affections. I worked in restaurants where...

    • Restaurant Pet Hates: 11 Ways to Ruin my Appetite

      From double tipping to wineglass-filling fascism, some restaurant practices are certain to cause indigestion. Our restaurant critic reveals her biggest peeves.There is almost nothing I would rather do than sit around a restaurant table with people I like....

    • In Search of the Perfect Burger

      A good burger is a thing of beauty. As two cult chains open in London, we ask if the new imports are any better than what's already on offer.What seems like a hundred years ago, a phenomenon arrived in my provincial city. Its name was ...

    • Worst Ideas of 2012: Gourmet Junk Food

      The humble burger is now haute cuisine. As is the humble fried chicken, the humble hotdog, the humble kebab.Honest Burgers. Dirty Burger. Patty & Bun. Burger & Lobster. Slider Bar. Almost Famous. Lucky Chip. Mother Flipper. And, the daddy of them...

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