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    • Rum Do: How a Bit of Bundy is Shaking Up the Cocktail Circuit in Melbourne

      New York-based bartending legend Jeff Bell brings a working-class favourite to his pop-up bar, opening in the Victorian capital for just four nights.

    • Warwick Thornton on His Images of Indigenous Children in 'Fast-Food Suicide Vests'

      The film-makers new exhibition in Melbourne carries a blunt message about health issues facing the next generation of Indigenous kids in Australia.

    • Chronic Depression Shrinks Brain's Memories and Emotions

      Global study finds the more episodes of depression, the greater the reduction in hippocampus size, but it was very likely damage was reversible.

    • Alternative Therapies Risk Effectiveness of Cancer Treatment, Researchers Find

      Common complementary therapies found to have serious drug interactions or reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiation treatmentThe complementary therapies that cancer patients most commonly mention to doctors all potentially jeopardise the...

    • Australian Fish Need Proper Labels for Easy Identification, Says New Group

      Environmental groups launch 'Label My Fish' campaign to ensure consumers know exactly what they're eatingIn Australia, more than two-thirds of barramundi eaten is imported from Asia, much of the flathead sold is likely to be an unrelated species imported...

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