Summer Glow: How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Heat

   |  Updated: May 11, 2015 16:56 IST

Summer Glow: How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Heat
Come summer and your skin takes a toll because of the harsh heat. Times like these, it calls for special attention to avoid looking dry and dull. Besides following a strict beauty regime – face wash, scrubs, toners, sunscreens – it is also important to maintain a healthy diet.  

Eat Right

Owner of a Delhi-based salon, says that for a flawless and healthy skin in summers, drinking water is an absolute must. Six to eight glasses of water everday helps in flushing out toxins. Secondly, avoid eating junk food. It not only creates deficiency of nutrients, but also leads to toxins in the body. Instead, eat food rich in vitamins and minerals.

You must also drink adequate water in summer to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh. Dehydration can make it look dull and aged. Avoid sodas, aerated drinks and packaged juices completely. Replace these with healthy and natural substitutes like coconut water, salted buttermilk, mango panna and refrigerated green tea.

Keep Skin Problems at Bay

Acne, heat rash and dryness are very common skin problems during this hot season. While the heat may cause irritation, it is important to avoid touching the face frequently. It will only make it worse. Kiran Lohia, medical director of a dermatology institute, doles out some tips:

Heat Rash: It refers to red bumps and itchy rashes on the skin. Avoid going out in the sun and try spending most of your time in shade. It will reduce the amount of sweat that you produce thereby preventing heat rash.Acne: Acne is the most common skin problem that men and women around the world suffer from. Avoid touching your face with your hands or fingers. Always remove your makeup at night otherwise it will block your pores and lead to more pimples on your skin.

Skin dryness: Skin needs a lot of care while travelling as you come in contact with pollution, dust, heat and more. Pack a small zip-lock bag before stepping out in the sun with essentials including a hydrating cleanser, moisturiser, lip balm, hand sanitiser, hand cream and sunscreen.

Home Remedies

Here are a few easy remedies to help you take care of your skin –

* Apply banana, coconut milk and honey as it moisturises your face. It prevents wrinkles and dark circles.

* Apply a mixture of a pinch of camphor and a few drops of vitamin E oil to rose water. It acts as the best toner. Toning is important for soft nourished skin.

* Mix a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice and apply on your face. Rinse well after a few minutes for quick glow.

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* Mix aloe vera gel with honey and apply it for a fresher look.

* Take some ice in a muslin (mulmul) cloth and rub it over your face for 30 minutes before heading out for party.

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