5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Linden Tea You Should Know

Linden tea is usually made by boiling Linden flowers and letting is steep for 10-15 minutes

Neha Grover  |  Updated: August 22, 2019 17:33 IST

5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Linden Tea You Should Know

Herbal tea: Linden tea provides many health benefits

  • Linden tea contains some worthwhile health-giving properties
  • The flowers, leaves and bark of linden tree are used to make this tea
  • Here are the many health benefits of linden tea you should know

A hot cup of tea works wonders to bring us mental as well as physical relief. It relieves us of tiredness and gives an instant energy boost. Most of us can't do without our daily intake of tea even though these caffeine-laden drinks may have harmful effects on our health. To overcome the shortcomings of regular tea, herbal tea was floated that have similar calming effects but provide many other health benefits as well. We have seen a horde of green teas like peppermint tea, lavender tea and lemon tea thronging the markets. There's another lesser-known tea called linden tea that also contains some worthwhile health-giving properties we should be aware of.

Linden tree belong to family of Tilia genus and is found mostly in North America, Europe and Asia. The tree's dried flowers, leaves and also bark are widely used for medicinal purposes. Linden herbal tea is usually made by boiling Linden flowers and letting is steep for 10-15 minutes. Some people also use the leaves and the bark of the tree for enhanced flavour and nutritional properties.

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Linden flowers are boiled to make linden tea


Here Are Some Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Linden Tea:

1. Relieves Anxiety

Extracts from the buds of Tilia tomentosa are known for their sedative characteristic. Certain studies have shown that linden extract can regulate the human nervous system and bring relaxation to treat depression, stress and insomnia.

2. Alleviates Flu Symptoms

It is said that linden tea provides huge relief from common infections like fever, cold, cough, bronchitis and asthma. It can act as an expectorant to get rid of congestion/phlegm stuffed in the throat or chest.

3. Reduces Stomach Issues

Linden tea contains flavonoids, glycosides and some essential oils that have antispasmodic properties and bring relief from stomach and intestinal problems and acidity.

4. May Help In Treating Hypertension

Linden tea contains some antioxidant compounds like tiliroside, rutoside, and chlorogenic acid, which have the ability to keep blood pressure level in check.

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5. Eases Body Pain

Flavonoids like quercetin or tiliroside found in linden tea may help in supressing chronic pain of joints and muscles. Linden tea is recommended to people with arthritis to ease joints and knee pain.

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That's not all. Linden tea provides many other health benefits like supporting cardiovascular health and controlling inflammation inside the body. Even if you are not suffering from any particular health problem, drinking linden tea may be a good practice to bring about general wellness.


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