Best of 2018: 6 Delicious Street Foods of 2018 Truly Worth Remembering!

   |  Updated: December 31, 2018 15:09 IST

Best of 2018: 6 Delicious Street Foods of 2018 Truly Worth Remembering!

With only a few days away from 2019, we are reminiscing all the good, bad and ugly 2018 had to offer and have come to realise that 2018 was indeed an eventful year for food. With so many celebrity weddings, bizarre food trends and innovations, our love for food and all things decadent managed to grab many eyeballs in the past year. In this list we are paying ode to some of the best street foods of 2018 that had us drooling. Some all-time favourites, some new additions and some interesting spins to our iconic treats, 2018 truly had the streets buzzing with a delectable variety. Read to know if your favourites made it to the list!

Best Street Foods of 2018 

1. Samosa

The iconic tea-time treat continued to rule hearts even in 2018. The stellar snack managed to gain some international limelight too! Remember the time when Prince Harry tried to sneak one our at the charity ball organised by Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle? The International media couldn't help gush over the cute theft. On domestic front, restaurants and cafes got experimental with traditional recipes and dished out a range of interesting treats like noodle samosa, cheese samosas and chole samosa. 

2. Momos

The steamed dumplings from Tibet has found a dedicated fan following across the nation over the past decade. You cannot walk past a street without spotting a momo-vendor. In 2018, we saw and tried many different takes to the traditional recipe. From chocolate momos, to soupy momos to spinach, corn, schezeuan and so much more. Another interesting development you must have noticed is the growing number of tandoori and gravy momo vendors on the streets, who carry their own mini tandoori set up and serve the treat alongside the regular steamed and fried momos. If you have not tried it yet, do try it before the year ends.  

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Best Street Foods of 2018:The steamed dumplings from Tibet has found a dedicated fan following

3. Tandoori Chai

Our piping hot cup of tea made news for its new and exciting tandoori avatar. Tandoori Chai that got popularised in Pune has now become a national sensation of sorts. Tandoori chai is made in earthen vessels that are pre-heated in tandoor, which gives your tea a hot and smoky flavour. This tea is later transferred and served in cooler kullhads. A must try for all chai lovers. 

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4. Daulat Ki Chaat

The milky and mystical chaat preparation is available exclusively during winter months. The delicate dessert is also known as malaiyo in Varanasi, nimish in Lucknow, and malai makhan in Kanpur. Daulat ki chaat is made by whisking sweetened milk for hours, which is left overnight and served later in the day with a garnishing of nuts, khoya and powdered sugar. Having ruled the streets of Old Delhi, Kanpur and Varanasi for years, the delectable treat has also found a place in some of the biggest restaurants of the country like The Indian Accent and Baar Baar in Delhi. 

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daulat ki chaat

Best Street Foods Of India: The chaat preparation is available exclusively during winter months

5. Afghan Burger

Is it a burger? Is it a roll? A distant cousin of shawarma? You would not know until you try this hidden gastronomic marvel. You can find this street food tucked in the lanes of Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi. It is essentially a tandoori flatbread made of wheat flour. Afghan burger is filled with layers of shredded cabbage, tomato, cucumber, chicken, boiled eggs and fried potatoes. This is topped with a generous spread of red garlic and chilly chutney. All of this is gathered together in a wrap and served with a sprinkle of salt or chaat masala!

afghan burger

Best Street Foods of 2018: Afghan burger is a roll made of fries, sauces and veggies

6. Murukku Sandwich

Fan of Murukku? You are sure to love the Murukku Sandwich too. One of the newest sensation in the Chennai foodscape, Murukku sandwich, essentially replaces the bread in a regular cheese-cucumber-tomato sandwich with layers of crunchy murukku.  You can easily find the sandwich in Sowcarpet, Chennai. 


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This list by no means is an exhaustive list of the best street foods of the year gone by. It is only a compilation of some of the delicacies that won our hearts. Did we miss out on your favourite? Do let us know in the comments section!


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