Chocolate Ball Fire, the Dangerously Addictive Dessert You Need to Try

You know what's topping the dessert game these days? Its undoubtedly the chocolate ball and it is lit up!

Anantika kapoor  |  Updated: June 29, 2017 16:40 IST

Chocolate Ball Fire, the Dangerously Addictive Dessert You Need to Try
  • This chocolate ball is lit with fire
  • It is an experience in itself
  • It is dreamy and delicious
You know what’s topping the dessert game these days? It’s undoubtedly the chocolate ball. Why, one may ask. It’s not the ordinary chocolate ball that’s been an all-time favorite since childhood.  There is always room for transformations and reinventions, and in the recent years we have seen various food dishes getting quirky twists. The chocolate ball is back, this time much bigger and better, and to top it all, it lits up too!

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While the practice of flambé´- flaming cocktails and so on - is an age-old practice, the newest trend that is taking the internet by storm is that of the chocolate ball lit with fire. It is definitely an experience in itself.

Looking deeper into the composition of this ultimate delight, it is made up of several layers of sinful goodness. At Morimoto Waikiki in Honolulu, the chocolate ball reveals a layer of marshmallow inside. At the Car Born Cafe in Malaysia, the chocolate ball is filled with vanilla ice cream and diced fruits.

At Pa Pa Ya, it consists of a scoop of ice cream, a bunch of dry fruits, caramel and a classic brownie. To tempt the customer further, it is all packed in a chocolate ball layered with chocolate sauce. Executive Chef- Modern Pan Asian Cuisine Sahil Singh, adds, "A flambé with Cointreau is lighted in Martini glass and the fire is poured on the chocolate dome. Orange flavored Cointreau gives a little bitter taste but it is mellowed with coffee cream and chocolate sauce.Chocolate dome is filled with brownie, vanilla ice cream and nuts."

Then comes the way it is served to the customers, which is where all the drama lies and makes the experience memorable. The talented server places the dessert on the table and then lights it up right in front of you. The chocolate melts to reveal the delicious contents of the hidden dessert.

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The chocolate ball is synonymous with art, both in its appearance as well as its taste. People often wonder if this dessert is really a dessert or a form of art presented on one’s table at a dining experience. It is evident of the coming together of theatre and food on a single continuum, and fortunately, it is doing great and has raised the bar for confectioners worldwide. It is truly an obsession and for all the great reasons.


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