Fried or Scrambled? London Restaurant Serves up Ostrich Eggs

Kriti Malik, NDTV  |  Updated: July 18, 2017 12:45 IST

Fried or Scrambled? London Restaurant Serves up Ostrich Eggs
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We’ve come across some pretty weird food trends in the past- Fried chocolate bars, stale tofu, fish cured with poison, sheep’s innards and all. Some of them absurd and some of them just unthinkable. But ostrich eggs fall in neither of the two categories. In fact it’s something we may even want to try.

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Up till this point the idea of having anything other than hen’s eggs would be unusual, but in the last few years we’ve seen people experimenting with quail eggs, duck eggs and even hard-shelled green and black emu eggs.
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Ostrich eggs are cream coloured and each weighs an astounding 1.4-1.5 kilograms, 24 times the usual egg and large enough to feed 10 hungry people. At one point of time, Waitrose (a supermarket in the UK) and Whole Foods had these eggs laid out on their shelves. But now, you don’t even need to take them home to cook. A restaurant in London will serve you this egg for breakfast or dinner and in case you can’t finish it (which you won’t), doggy bag it home.

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WingsEggs, a restaurant in Fulham, London needs two days’ notice because that’s how much time it takes to arrange for the egg. The eggs are popular but the dish comes with a hefty price tag of 55 pounds. If you’re felling egg-stra special, then you can order yourself an emu egg for 100 pounds too.

CommentsIt’s a tough egg to crack but you can’t make an omelet till you break the egg!

It takes an hour and a half or so to boil an ostrich egg perfectly.

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Now, if you haven’t lost your appetite and this egg actually looks as inviting to you as it does to us, remember to catch it at WingsEggs in London.

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