Happy Birthday Rahul Khanna: Diet Tips From The Gorgeous 47-Year-Old That You Can Steal!

We can all agree that Rahul Khanna looks half his age and does so seemingly effortlessly. Here are some diet tips that help him look young and gorgeous!

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: June 20, 2019 16:13 IST

Happy Birthday Rahul Khanna: Diet Tips From The Gorgeous 47-Year-Old That You Can Steal!

Rahul Khanna turns 47: Here's a look at the diet that keeps him looking young

  • Rahul Khanna turns 47 today
  • The actor looks half his age, seemingly effortlessly
  • Khanna focuses on whole fruits and fresh vegetables

Bollywood actor and model Rahul Khanna turns 47 today. The handsome hunk has dazzled us with his good looks and amazing physique for years now and he still manages to make his young female fans swoon just by flashing a smile. Anyone who follows Khanna's social media pages can vouch for the fact that the actor looks half his age and does so seemingly effortlessly. The super-fit actor regularly posts pictures of his healthy meals on his Instagram page, giving us fitness goals all the time. But did you know that Khanna wasn't as fit and fabulous always? In fact, he had revealed in a blog for Livemint that he used to be 'incredibly skinny'. But all that changed when he took up a sport and decided to work on his physique.

Khanna had revealed in the blog that since he travels a lot, if he doesn't have the time to hit the hotel gym, he ensures he gets in his daily workout, by doing squats, push-ups, lunges, crunches and jumping jacks in his own room. However, he gives equal importance to his diet as well.

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Here are some diet tips of birthday boy Rahul Khanna that you can steal:

1. Eat Whole Fruits: Khanna revealed in the Livemint blog that he eats a lot of whole fruits, including mangoes. His love for the fat-rich superfood avocado is pretty evident to anyone who follows him on Instagram. Case in point is, when he packed two avocados in his suitcase, along with his essentials:

2. Get Enough Protein: Another dietary habit of Khanna's that allows him to stay healthy is his love for protein-rich eggs. In his photos of breakfast meals on Instagram, one can always spot an egg preparation of some kind. Sure enough, he had revealed in his Livemint piece that he loved preparing all kinds of eggs. Eggs are rich in a number of essential nutrients and minerals, including healthy fats and high-quality lean proteins, which are essential for building and maintaining muscle mass.

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3. Black Coffee: Rahul Khanna has confessed his love for black coffee often enough. It features in all his breakfast posts. A mug of black coffee may not only wake you up in the morning, it may also help you in powering through the hectic work schedule. Moreover, black coffee is said to boost performance during workout, as well as promote weight management. Case in point is this post, where Khanna confesses he is 'Americano boy':

4. Eat Enough Fresh Green Vegetables: Another food that Rahul Khanna seemingly loves as much as eggs and avocados is green vegetables. In the Livemint piece, he had said that he loves a good smoothie with kale and spinach in it. His meals on Instagram also feature a portion of fresh green vegetables, which are important for holistic well-being of the mind and body. Green vegetables are known to not just fuel the body while keeping the calories away, but are also essential for a healthy mind.

Being a non-vegetarian, Rahul Khanna eats a lot of lean protein from white meats, which are incredibly good sources of high quality protein. Well, we wish Rahul Khanna a very happy birthday and hope he continues to inspire us to stay healthy and look our best!


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