How To Open Pickle Jar; 5 Easy Hacks To Try At Home

There are various hacks to open the stubborn pickle jar. Here are some ingenious ways to click it open.

NDTV Food  |  Updated: May 24, 2018 17:33 IST

How To Open Pickle Jar; 5 Easy Hacks To Try At Home
Troublesome pickle jars are a person's worst nightmare, especially if you are hungry. You'd give up opening the lid than struggle with it. There are chances when your pickle jar is, too, tightly sealed or stuck and you may have tried every trick you knew, but all in vain. There are times when even the slightest of pressure is applied and the seal is broken and lid comes off easily, but sometimes the lid just wouldn't budge, even after bringing some muscle power into action. So, how to open pickle jar? Well, there are various hacks to open the stubborn pickle jar. Here are some ingenious ways to click it open.

How To Open Pickle Jar?

1. Add Friction To The Pickle Jar

If you are wondering how to open a pickle jar, then remember that factors like condensation and moisturised hands will never be of any help. These jars can be easily opened by adding friction. All you need to do is to drape a sheet of plastic wrap, rubber glove or a hand towel. Hold the jar tightly with one hand and use the other to cover the lid of the pickle jar with a towel or plastic sheet and twist the lid. The pickle jar will open in no-time.

pickle jar

How to open pickle jar: Add friction to the jar

2. Use Hot Water

First, heat the water and put it into a bowl; make sure it isn't boiling hot, otherwise it may crack the glass of the jar. Now, hold the jar upside-down in the hot water, focussing on the lid. Allow the lid to heat up for a few minutes. The heat from the water tends to expand the metal of the lid and help separate it from the jar. Just remember to rotate the jar in order to help distribute the heat. Hold the jar steady, cover the lid with a towel, grasp the lid firmly and twist it to open.

3. Use Rubber Bands On The Lid

If the lid is wide, place a rubber band on the lid. Grab hold on to it and squeeze and twist. If this doesn't work, use another rubber band to have two firm places for gripping.

pickle jar
How to open pickle jar

4. Whack Your Jar, Gently

Try breaking the seal by giving the bottom of the jar a gentle whack or two with your hands or a spoon; do it a couple of times until it opens.

5. A Butter-Knife Maybe

One of the best ways to open pickle jar is by using a butter-knife. Carefully slide the knife between the lid and the jar and twist a little to break open the seal. Do it carefully so you don't damage the jar. Voila! This is how you open pickle jar.

pickle jar

How to open pickle jar

There are times when the syrup or sauce has crusted underneath the lid and around the glass rim and the you are not able to open the jar. In order to fix this, a hot water soak would be the best option to soften the crusted portion. To prevent this problem in the future, always wipe the rim with a clean damp cloth before sealing.


If you have been stuck for a while now, these easy hacks will definitely come to your rescue. If nothing works at all, hand it over to someone around you and avoid warring with the jar; getting some help won't harm! Go on and enjoy your pickle without a hustle.


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