How To Store Potatoes? 5 Ways To Increase The Shelf Life Of This Versatile Veggie

Deeksha Sarin  |  Updated: August 01, 2018 17:35 IST

How To Store Potatoes? 5 Ways To Increase The Shelf Life Of This Versatile Veggie
  • Potato is a wonder veggie
  • It is extremely versatile in nature
  • Potatoes must be consumed in a fresh state

If you're looking out for ways to keep your potatoes fresh then, you have come to the right place. Potato is one wonder veggie that is extremely versatile in nature. Be it curries, biryanis, breads or even desserts, potato complements with almost all kinds of dishes. However, to make the most of this veggie, it is imperative to consume it in a fresh state. As compared to other vegetables, potatoes can be easily stored and used later for cooking. Good quality potatoes can even last for several weeks. While buying potatoes from supermarkets or weekly markets, one should look out for clean, firm-textured potatoes with no discolouration and cuts. Home-grown potatoes also need to be stored efficiently. A rotten potato not only smells bad, but also has the potential to spoil other potatoes in the batch.

If you have been struggling with the problem of potato storage, here's a list of 5 easy ways to store potatoes that can come quite handy.

1. Store Potatoes In A Cool And Dry Place

The very first step is to store the potatoes in a cool, dry and well ventilated place. They must not be exposed to too much light. Doing so could lead to a build-up of a green patch on the skin of the potato. This natural reaction is caused by a chemical called Solanine, which produces a bitter taste. It should be avoided as its consumption in larger quantity can cause illness.

2. Avoid Storing Potatoes Around Kitchen Appliances


If all this while you were storing potatoes beneath the sink or around kitchen appliances, then you might have to reconsider the same as doing so could possibly spoil the potatoes. This happens primarily because such areas are exposed to high temperatures that are not suitable for potato storage. In the same way, potatoes must not be stored in refrigerators too as their taste can get ruined. The intense cold temperature inside a fridge can cause the potato's starch to convert into sugar.


Avoid storing potatoes around kitchen appliances

3. Avoid Washing The Potatoes Before Storing

If you wash potatoes before storing them, then the chances are that they may spoil early. A damp atmosphere can spoil the potatoes in just no time. Exposing potatoes to moisture will only shorten their shelf life. Wash them only when you need them for cooking.

4. Discard The Rotten Potato Immediately

Sprouting, greening and rotting are quite common with potatoes. You must keep checking potatoes periodically for signs of spoilage. If you find any rotten potato in the batch, discard it before it infects the others.

5. Never Store Cut Potatoes In Open

Do not leave or store cut potatoes in open for longer time. Exposing them to air would cause them to turn brown or grey. To keep peeled whole or cut potatoes fresh, cover them with cold water. Bring them out only when you are ready to cook.


Do not leave or store cut potatoes in open for longer time

Here Are Some Amazing Recipes That You Could Make With Potatoes:

Honey Chilli Potato

The amazing starter recipe, honey chilli potato can be added to any party food menu. Made with fried potatoes, honey and chilli sauce, this snack is crunchy, flavourful and amazingly delicious.

Triangle Puff

What's a samosa without aloo? Yes, you got that right! This quick and easy recipe of triangle puffs can be made in the comforts of your kitchen!

Spicy Aloo Tikki

Aloo tikki is a popular north Indian snack, usually served with tamarind and coriander chutney. You can usually find it on the chaat street stalls. Follow this recipe and relish its delectable flavours.

Homemade Potato Chips

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Just four ingredients with a few minutes and you are good to go for an all-time favourite snack of every party. Pair these potato chips with some mayonnaise dip and impress your guests with your culinary skills.

Now that we've shared with you easy ways to store potatoes, bring them to use and prepare delicious potato-based recipes.


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