Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Chicken Korma At Home (Recipe Inside)

Chicken korma is a rich, creamy dish from the royal kitchen of the Mughals. Here is how you can easily make it at home too!

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: June 23, 2020 10:41 IST

Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Chicken Korma At Home (Recipe Inside)

The word 'korma' is derived from the Turkish word 'Kavurma' that means cooked meat.

  • Chicken curries are a rage in India having a huge variety
  • Korma is one od the most popular chicken curries
  • Here is how you can easily make creamy chicken korma at home

Lockdown or no lockdown, our food cravings can be quite a task to manage many at times. While in normal days, we would just search the best place for whatever we are craving and order in, or simply head to the place itself. But amidst the lockdown due to Coronavirus, the trend of eating out and food delivery has seen a major fall. But it has surely given rise to the trend of cooking at home! From simple dal and roti to even complex curries and biryanis, people are trying to make everything that they crave at home. And a hearty chicken curry seems to be one of the topmost dishes on the list.

Chicken korma is one of the most loved chicken curries. The word 'korma' is derived from the Turkish word 'Kavurma' that means cooked meat. It is a popular technique of braising meat with yogurt, cream, stock and various spices that became a favourite during the Mughal era. A rich chicken curry, slow-cooked over low flame, chicken korma is as 'shahi' as it sounds. But you'll be surprised at how easily you can cook this royalty at home too!

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Chicken Korma Recipe:

Here is a simple chicken korma recipe that you can try at home when craving chicken that is rich, creamy, juicy and absolutely delicious!


In this recipe, chicken pieces are sautéed with cardamom, cloves, garlic and ginger along with salt, red chilli powder and coriander powder. It is then cooked with a curd mixture that includes sautéed onions and dry-roasted nuts like almonds and cashews along with khus khus, chironji and coconut that are grounded together with curd. It lends a creamy, nutty flavour to the gravy. Addition of saffron in the end gives an aromatic touch to the dish.

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You can serve it with tandoori roti or rice, garnished with chopped almonds and cashews.

Find the full recipe of creamy chicken korma here. Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.


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