Ramzan 2018: Top 5 Food Stops You Must Make Near Jama Masjid In Old Delhi

Ramadan 2018 is the perfect time to indulge yourselves to your foodie heart's content, and what's better than old Delhi to experience some unadulterated food love? Here are five places near Jama Masjid you must visit on an Iftar food trail!

Sakshita Khosla (with inputs from NDTV Food)  |  Updated: May 30, 2018 12:24 IST

Ramzan 2018: Top 5 Food Stops You Must Make Near Jama Masjid In Old Delhi
  • Ramzan 2018 is the perfect opportunity to indulge the foodie in you.
  • There are plenty of excellent food shops around Jama Masjid.
  • Aslam's butter chicken is nothing like you've ever tasted before.
Ramadan 2018 is here, which means it's time for food lovers to go all out and binge on rich street foods without caring about their waistlines. One of the best places in the national capital region to explore food is unquestionably old Delhi, where small by-lanes smell of old world charm, and nostalgia unexpectedly peeks at you from small nooks and crannies. Food lovers in the capital are besotted by this very charm and flavours of these small gullies and Ramadan is the perfect time for them to indulge to their heart's content.

Every year during Ramzan, several food walks are organised in old Delhi to give newbies and tourists a feel of the delightful and rich street foods on offer, and we decided to join one such food trail organised by The Park. The food walk was curated by the hotel's Executive Chef Abhishek Basu. A bunch of us - food enthusiasts and guests alike - joined a team of chefs from the hotel for a walk around the narrow road opposite Jama Masjid's gate no. 1, also known as Matia Mahal, to experience some unadulterated food love. The narrow street personifies mayhem during the time of Ramazan Iftar as scores of Muslim families head to hundreds of shops and restaurants to break their daily fast.
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If you have plenty of time on your hands, you may want to stop at any of the dozens of hole-in-wall eateries at random, for delectable non-vegetarian food. But if you're pressed for time, like we were, you may want to stick to some tried-and-tested food shops and restaurants there. So for the iftar food trail, our group of 35 people made only calculated stops to savour some of the best dishes the streets had to offer.

Here are five food stops near Jama Masjid that you absolutely must make:

1. Qureshi's Kebabs

Kebab shops are a dime-a-dozen in the area and during Iftar time, all of them are jam-packed with customers waiting for a plate of hot, right-off-the-griddle slender pieces of meat. Qureshi's Kebab has a legacy for churning out the best of them and we sampled their mutton seekh kebabs served with soft, thin roomali rotis, with a side of onions coated with green chutney. They also serve phirni and a bunch of other Iftar delights to choose from.

ramadan 2018 iftar food trailRamadan 2018: Qureshi's mutton seekh kebabs

2. Aslam Chicken

The butter chicken at this four-storeyed narrow shop is nothing like you may have tasted before. Aslam's butter chicken is literally just that- juicy, spicy grilled chicken pieces, dunked in a pool of melted butter and cream. The dish is served in large steel bowls and is enjoyed with roomali rotis. However, one look at the juicy, buttery chicken pieces will make you abandon any accompaniments and reach straight for the pieces with bare hands.

ramadan 2018 iftar food trailRamadan 2018: Aslam's famous butter chicken

3. Gur Ka Sharbat

There is no particular shop or eatery that sells this unique and refreshing sharbat- just a man sitting on a stool, with a shallow steel container of the sharbat and a huge chunk of ice. Gur ka sharbatis made by soaking jaggery in water and is served cold, with just a dash of lime. One glass of gur ka sharbat is available for Rs 5 and you can find one to down at the corner of Pahadi Imli, Chitli Qabar.

ramadan 2018 iftar food trailRamadan 2018: Gur ka sharbat

4. Karim's

One of the best no-brainer restaurants in Matia Mahal is Karim's, which is famous for its lip-smacking Mughlai food. We sat down for a plate of chicken changezi with khameeri roti and although this dish wasn't as much of a stunner as Qureshi's kebabs, it was delicious enough to warm our hearts and bellies alike.

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ramadan 2018 iftar food trailRamadan 2018: Karim's chicken changezi and khameeri roti

5. Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale

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Tucked away in the tiny lanes of old Delhi is this gem of a kulfi shop that is a must-try for all dessert lovers. Kuremal's stuffed kulfis have attained an iconic status among Delhiites and with good reasons. The over 100-year-old kulfi store serves creamy kulfis stuffed inside fruits like mangoes, pomegranates, oranges and apples. Mango stuffed kulfi should be your obvious choice, followed by jamun kulfi 'julpep'. The latter is an iced fruity delight resembling a sorbet and is served with a little bit of chaat masala sprinkled on top.

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ramadan 2018 iftar food trailRamadan 2018: Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale's mango stuffed kulfi

A food walk on the streets of old Delhi makes you forget all about the crowds and the punishing heat and takes you on a gastronomical journey that is both satisfying and unique in nature. All non-vegetarians must head out to old Delhi this Ramadan and re-discover the joy of eating out at these priceless gems of Delhi's food landscape.


Note: This Ramadan Iftar Food Trail was organised by The Park, Delhi, for a handful of guests and foodies. All participants gathered at the hotel and were transported to Jama Masjid by a hotel vehicle. The food walk was a part of the hotel's Anything But Ordinary evening of celebrations for the holy month of Ramadan.

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