Some Seriously Good Tipples, No Alcohol

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Some Seriously Good Tipples, No Alcohol

Mocktails needn’t be dull. Photograph: Dan Matthews/The Guardian.

Abstaining from alcohol needn’t be a drag. Some of Australia’s best mixologists suggest some seriously good tipples that will make you glad to give up the sauce.

Doing FebFast and abstaining from alcohol this month doesn’t have to be dreary.

Dan Rosette from the City Wine Shop in Melbourne has put together the simplest of drinks. All you need is a whole ruby grapefruit and a whole apple, both juiced with the skin off, and add 10 mls of juiced fresh ginger. It will wake you up and give that bitterness that makes your mouth water and your eyes awaken. It has no alcoholic kick, but its bitter grip will get you on your way. I always find it is the bitterness and savoury elements of alcohol that are hard to replicate in the word of the mocktail, but this drink comes close.

Wanting an afternoon pick-me-up? For a Dark and Stormy without the thunder, Gabrielle Webster, wine woman from Love, Tilly Devine in Sydney suggests a juiced lime and a teaspoon of brown sugar topped up with ginger beer. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Shane Angus Etteridge from Proof bar in Adelaide takes FebFasting to another level with his espresso flip for the truly focused fasters. This one takes a little bit of work, so you’ll be thankful you’re stone cold sober.

Espresso flip

30ml espresso


30ml almond milk

15ml Monin cinnamon syrup

1 whole egg

Nutmeg (grated to garnish)

Add all ingredients to your shaker. Shake hard without ice to emulsify before adding ice and shaking again for 30 seconds.

Double strain into martini glass and garnish with grated nutmeg.

Dan’s Morning Rise

1 whole ruby grapefruit juiced

1 whole apple juiced

10mls of fresh ginger juiced

Serve over ice garnish with a slice of apple

Gab’s Afternoon Punch

1 whole lime

1 teaspoon of brown sugar

Muddle in bottom of the glass, top up with ginger beer

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A sprig of mint to garnish

What are your favourite FebFast tipples?


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