Soon, Electronic Tongue to Check Food Quality

   |  Updated: November 14, 2014 17:48 IST

Soon, Electronic Tongue to Check Food Quality
According to a latest study published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, an electronic 'tongue' has been developed which may help in checking the quality of products before they reach the stores near you. This e-tongue can also assist with water monitoring for pollutants or can be used to test blood for signs of disease.

Researcher S V Litvinenko and his colleagues explained that the tool is capable of mimicking the human ability of distinguishing different tastes. The electronic tongue has sensors that detect substances in a sample and send signals to a computer for processing. This process is similar to the way taste buds sense and transmit flavor messages to the brain.

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Researchers developed the 'e-tongue' with a silicon base that can be easily incorporated into existing electronic systems of the same material. When tested with Armagnac, cognac, whiskey and water, the tool established precise signatures for each.
The food and beverage industry along with few others have been using similar devices. From authenticating Thai food to measuring beer quality, electronic tongue has now been deployed in various areas. Litvinenko's team  attempted at creating a better tool which will not only serve the purpose of food testing and quality checks but can also be used as a low-cost and environmental-friendly tool for medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical testing as well as environmental monitoring.  

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