Summer Diet: How To Prepare Refreshingly Delicious Pink Lemonade At Home

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: April 03, 2019 16:07 IST

Summer Diet: How To Prepare Refreshingly Delicious Pink Lemonade At Home
  • It's important to hydrate during summers to prevent heat stroke
  • Rose water is a natural coolant that also keeps the skin hydrated
  • Add rose water or rose syrup to lemonade to make blush pink lemonade

Summers are here in full force and with the sun beating down on our heads and sapping our energies, we all need to ensure that we replenish our body's fluid stores throughout the day. This is especially important for those who are out in the sun for long hours for commuting to and from work or any other outdoor activities. Just carrying a bottle of water whenever venturing outside may go a long way in preventing dehydration. A lot of people forget to drink enough water and fluids during summers, leading to problems like summer headaches, nausea, vomiting etc., which are all symptoms of a potential heat stroke. Indian summers are especially harsh, but thankfully we have a saviour that can rescue us from the heat - nimbu paani or lemonade.

Lemonade is a popular summer drink that is consumed across the country and is known as shikanji. The juice of freshly squeezed lemons is mixed with chilled water or water with ice, along with some sugar and black salt, cumin powder or roasted cumin seeds, and occasionally even ginger and mint leaves. The drink is consumed as an instant energiser to hydrate the body and provide a respite from harsh weather. An even better version of the lemonade is the pink lemonade that contains the refreshingly delicious rose water that also has cooling benefits. Although rose water is most often used as a beauty ingredient, it can offer a host of benefits when consumed as well.


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rose water

Summer Diet: Rose water is a coolant that you may consume to beat the heat

Here are some benefits of rose water for the summer:

1. Organic rose water prepared from fresh rose petals may contain some vitamin C, which is antioxidant in nature.

2. Rose water keeps the skin hydrated from the inside out. It prevents oiliness of the skin and reduces redness and inflammation of the skin.

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3. Rose water has potential stress relieving and mood boosting benefits and is said to reduce tension in the body and cause relaxation.

Adding rose water to your lemonade can add a boost of flavour and taste as well as make into a relaxing drink during summers. Not to mention that pink lemonade looks extremely pretty as well and can add a burst of colour to your summer party refresher. Alternatively, you can add store-bought rose syrup to upgrade your lemonade this summer.

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ba41q6dgSummer Diet: Pink lemonade is a refreshing and relaxing summer drink

Here's a recipe of pink lemonade that you can easily prepare at home and serve during the summers:

1. Take a glass jug and add the requisite amount of chilled water or clear soda in it.

2. Add the sugar, rose syrup or rose water, lemon juice and mint leaves to the jug. You may muddle the mint leaves before adding them to the jar to make sure their flavour is released. Stir the drink well.

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3. Pour the drink into tall glasses and add some ice cubes to it. Add lemon wedges to garnish the drink and serve immediately.

Here's the full recipe of pink lemonade from Chef Nitin Warikoo or Cha Bar in Delhi. Some people add strawberry puree or strawberry juice to their lemonade to prepare pink lemonade. Strawberries may only be a refreshing addition to your quintessential summer drink. Have any more ideas of upgrading lemonade this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!


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