This Old Delhi Shop Has Been Making Halwa Out Of White Gajar For Over 40 Years!

White gajar ka halwa is a delicious twist to the classic winter sweet that you won't be able to resist.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: January 24, 2020 10:59 IST

This Old Delhi Shop Has Been Making Halwa Out Of White Gajar For Over 40 Years!

Old Delhi is a treasure trove of delicious delights.

  • Old Delhi is packed with countless hidden gems serving delicious dishes
  • Sheerin Bhawan is one such shop that has innovative sweets to its credit
  • From aloe vera halwa to safed gajar ka halwa, it has it all and lot more

The winter season in the capital city is at its peak. While, many would prefer to simply be in the comfort of their quilts, there are some like us who would love to go out and celebrate the winter breeze. And, when we speak of celebrating the season, thankfully the capital has a lot to offer. Think of shakarkandi ki chaat, daulat ki chaat, kulhad ki chai, among many other things. But what makes the winter season most awaited in north India is the good old gajar ka halwa. The aromatic winter treat made with grated carrot, milk, sugar and ghee is something none of us can resist. But did you know there is a variety in gajar ka halwa too?

A trip to the bylanes of Purani Dilli' can make you discover why Delhi is known to be a foodie's paradise. With countless nooks and corners serving heart-warming delights swarming the walled area, we can't help but go back to it every now and then. And the recent visit to Old Delhi gave us another gem to relish this winter season- safed (white) gajar ka halwa.

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A single bite of the melt-in-mouth halwa will burst into flavours in your mouth. Soft halwa with crunchy nuts is an absolute winter delight. Yet there are certain varieties of halwa you won't find in every other shop. Head to Sheeren Bhawan and you'll be in for a surprise. This tiny little shop serves a variety of unique halwas that can amaze your taste buds; one of the most popular ones being safed gajar ka halwa. It is cooked in the same way as gajar ka halwa but made with white carrots, literally.

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The difference between the white halwa and the usual red coloured halwa lies also in the texture besides the colour. The warm and delicious off-white coloured halwa is made with white carrots cooked with milk, sugar and some khoya, and has a mushier and softer texture as compared to the red one. The halwa is made in pure ghee and liberally garnished with dry fruits, similar to all other traditional Indian sweets.

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Sheeren Bhawan, located near Jama Masjid, is known to offer innovative sweets along the white carrot halwa. From aloe-vera halwa to habshi halwa or ghee kewar ka halwa and much more, this sweet shop has made a unique name for itself among the food enthusiasts over the past 50 years. So, the next time you are craving some gajar ka halwa, you know where to head for the most unique one.


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