5 Smart Tricks to Stay Fit While at Work

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary, NDTV  |  Updated: March 13, 2018 11:44 IST

5 Smart Tricks to Stay Fit While at Work
Urban life gives new meaning to the phrase ‘Life in the fast lane’. Our work-days are no longer strictly 9 to 5. Virtual access via technology ensures that we are always connected and on the go. Work hours stretch out and unfortunately, they are the only things that get any stretching done.

Lifestyle diseases are on the rise and a general sense of discontentment tends to creep in when our lives revolve around work and work alone. Nervous breakdowns, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cervical Spondylitis are just some of the medical issues most corporate employees have to deal with. Considering the amount of time one spends in the office and on the road, it often becomes difficult to take out time to exercise. However, for your physical and mental well being, it is important to incorporate these into your everyday life. Here are a few tips on how to do so in office:


Long hours of slouching over a laptop can do more damage than one can imagine. Your eyes get strained and the neck is bent at an unnatural position owing to bad posture and leading to Cervical Spondylitis in extreme cases. Working on computers and laptops for extended periods of time also leads to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, an extremely painful affliction of the wrist.

Something as simple as stretching periodically can help you avoid all these and more.  After every hour of continuously sitting and working, you should stand up from your seat and stretch. Intertwine your fingers and stretch out with your hands towards the ceiling till you’re standing on your toes. Reach higher so that the muscles get a nice stretch. 
Come back to normal position and slowly rotate your neck to stretch out the shoulder muscles. Similarly, work your wrists by slowly rotating them in clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction. Focus on a spot in the wall more than 15 feet away and then close your eyes for a few seconds to rest them. That’s it; you’re good to get back to work now.  


If there is too much gap between meal times, you may find your energy levels dipping and your productivity falling. Starving yourself also means that you may end up over-eating at meal times. Keep a ready stock of healthy munchies in your desk. A handful of nuts, baked snacks or fruits are great options that also help you keep healthy and fit.

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This does not entail binging or give a pass to gluttony. Eat small portions and choose your snacks wisely, to keep energy levels high without adding drastically to your calorific intake. It is also proven that indulging in healthy snacks every two hours keeps the metabolism active and helps one remain fit.


Get up and get moving. Staying in that chair all day is doing you no good. If you work in a multistorey building, take the stairs instead of the elevator. You will be surprised at how much you can benefit from a simple switch like that. If you need to discuss something with a colleague, just walk over and chat in person instead of picking up the phone. The idea is to replace a sedentary life with a more active one.  

Quit Smoking

The ill-effects of smoking are well known and do not need to be enumerated. On a side note, it is also remarkable how much time is wasted in taking smoke breaks. That time can be used for stretching out instead or to walk over to a colleague for a quick chat to let your mind rest. You may find your day to be more productive once you stop leaving the premises for a smoke.

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Get Rest and Stop Thinking

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Even though you may be fitting too much into your day, it is important to get 8-9 hours of sleep each night. A tired mind is an unproductive mind. Rest your body and your mind so that you can think afresh the next day. If you find yourself stressed out more often than not, try out meditation or yoga. This helps calm the mind and increase your focus and concentration. There are numerous forms of meditation that you may try, find one that suits your temperament. Alternatively, you may be able to achieve the same through an intensive work-out. Whatever is your way of reaching there, try to get your mind to pause for a while and stop thinking.

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CommentsEach of these may seem like a small step, but if done religiously, they collectively can make a marked difference in your output and your way of working. 

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