6 Simple Tips That Make Healthy Living Easy

   |  Updated: August 25, 2014 13:24 IST

6 Simple Tips That Make Healthy Living Easy
Healthy living should be the way of life rather than being a choice. But, for some people following a routine turns out to be a chore. Chirag Sethi, founder of a fitness consulting company Battle of Bulges, shares six tips that make healthy living easy. Whether you are trying to follow a balanced diet or a fitness routine or are just wanting to ease out, cling to these simple daily habits.

* Drink at least half a liter of cold water everyday. Drinking cold water on an empty stomach helps you raise your metabolism since your body needs to maintain a neutral temperature at the core. Thus, calories are burned to bring the temperature of cold water to neutral.

* Eat six to ten almonds and walnuts on an empty stomach to help make some enzymes to raise metabolism. Nuts and dry fruits are the powerhouse of energy. Peanuts can be munched on anytime of the day while raisins remain an excellent choice for post-workout recovery.

* Breakfast should be the most fulfilling meal of the day. It should have carbohydrate and protein-rich food items.

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* Opt for stretching exercises in the morning. This will help in maintaining flexibility of the muscles and will delay the degenerating processes.* Try walking as much as possible as it helps in burning up extra calories apart from your workout regime.

Comments* Practice meditation and relaxation. They can assist you in managing your thoughts and are also good for general health, stress reduction and well-being. 

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