Coffee Does Not Cause Dehydration: Experts

 , London  |  Updated: February 04, 2015 12:01 IST

Coffee Does Not Cause Dehydration: Experts

Coffee has long been blamed for dehydration due to the fact that caffeine is a mild diuretic. But experts now suggest that such a drink can help with hydration, contributing to daily fluid intake. During Nutrition and Hydration Week, members of the British Coffee Association, an organization of the coffee industry in Britain, addressed the common misconception that people have about coffee.

As per their latest findings, caffeine, at levels consumed moderately throughout the day, is no more a diuretic than plain water, reports Also, according to British Nutrition Foundation, moderate coffee consumption (up to four to five cups per day) can contribute to daily fluid intake and keep coffee consumers alert and hydrated.

They also say that drinking a variety of caffeinated beverages, including coffee, can contribute to meeting the body's requirement of fluids.

"Many people still wrongly believe that hot drinks, and particularly coffee, are not good for us because they are dehydrating. But in fact when you drink a cup of coffee all the water is absorbed and retained in the body adding to your hydration," said health expert Sarah Schenker.

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