Self-Injury Awareness Day: 5 Common Reasons That Lead to Self-Harm

NDTV Food  |  Updated: March 01, 2017 19:44 IST

Self-Injury Awareness Day: 5 Common Reasons That Lead to Self-Harm
  • First March marks Self-Injury Awareness Day
  • The initiate draws attention to the high cases of self-injury and harm
  • There are various reasons that can lead to self-harm
One may wonder why would someone harm themselves by inflicting pain. Our lives are precious and we should value and love every part of it. But then there are those who come from a disturbing environment or are facing some mental issues that pain is the only way they know how to let out their emotions. This is what leads to what is defined as self-injury. And it is definitely not a rare phenomenon. It is indeed shocking to learn that there are millions of such cases, especially among young people. Self-harm is not a fashion fad, nor is it merely 'attention seeking behaviour'. There's more to it. It is estimated that one in twelve kids in UK suffers from self-injury. And more than medication, such people need love and support to let them know that there's help available. The first of March is marked as Self-Injury Awareness Day. An orange ribbon is commonly associated with this campaign.

There are various reasons that can lead to self-harm, in the form of scratches, bruises, cuts and other injuries. Here are some major triggers -


1. Depression - One of the major mental diseases to affect millions and millions of people across the globe, depression comes with many setbacks. The negativity can make one cause self-harm in an attempt to feel more than just numbness. The feeling of hopelessness and despair can even make sitting still a big trouble.
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2. Low Self-Esteem - Low self-esteem could spring up due to various reasons, some as elders or parents we fail to understand. It could be peer-pressure, failing to live up to the expectations of family members, struggling to perform better in studies or at work, etc. Because most individuals don't find an easy access to share their feelings, they self-harm to let out emotions.

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3. Complicated Relationships - Relationships are such that they should make one feel better because of the companionship of near and dear ones. However, not all bonds are picture perfect. Some relationships come with major complications - such as one-sided love or broken families - that can hamper the mental state of the person, causing him or her to cause self-harm.

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4. Alcohol and Drug Abuse - It is no hidden fact the effects of alcohol and drugs can be enormous, and affect one's health in alarming ways. They act as triggers to inflict self-injury as a way of letting out emotions.
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5. Stress and Emotional Burden - What do you do when you are choking with stress or at the brim of bottling all those emotions? You need an outlet, and some resort to dangerous means such as self-injury to let out their frustrations.
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While we all go through various tough phases in our lives, there are some who fight and get back on track and there are a few unfortunate others who succumb to the pressure and land up hampering their health and well-being. In the end of it all, such individuals need love and care, rather than being tagged as 'crazy'. They need to believe that there is help available and they can live a better life. And initiatives such as Self-Injury Awareness Day are a great medium where people can share their experiences and find help and support to overcome this condition.

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