Wine Terminology: A Crash Course

 , Food Editor, NDTV  |  Updated: September 18, 2012 12:06 IST

Wine Terminology: A Crash Course
Dry wine refers to wine that has very few natural sugars. So it's wine that's 'not sweet'.

A sweet wine will have more quantity of sugar.

Acidic wine has a lemony or vinegar-like taste to it.

Tannin in wine is the bitterness that you taste -- the very same you find in tea. Tannin gives wine an astringent quality and is a natural preservative that is used in the wine aging process. Acid is usually used to describe white wine, whereas tannin is found in red wines.

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This is also known as the aroma of a wine. The bouquet is usually the first criteria when you judge the quality of a wine. A wine can have a fruity, spicy, or any other aroma. It depends on the variety of the grape, where it comes from, and the condition of the wine.
A corked wine is a wine that has gone bad. It normally implies, that the taste is musty and flawed because of a flawed cork.

Finish is the flavor that stays in the mouth after you swallow the wine. It is also commonly called the wine's aftertaste.

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