What Does Your Favourite Cocktail Say about You?

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What Does Your Favourite Cocktail Say about You?
Have you bought a book online and had your inbox flooded with 'book suggestions' based on the one you just ordered? At times, the things you like can reveal a lot about the kind of person you are. It could be your favorite movie, colour or even ice cream. All of them offer key insights about your personality. So it's safe to assume that even the cocktail you pick gives away salient features of your personality.

You probably scour the vodka section or prefer a frozen martini. Maybe you believe a jägerbomb a night is the way to go or you probably choose to pace your drinks and opt for a rum and diet coke instead.

We did some research and found out some interesting facts about people and their choice of drinks. Here's a lowdown on what your cocktail preference says about you.


You're free, you're expensive, you're cute and you love a night out with your girlfriends. You're a loyal friend, the ideal girlfriend and aggression to you is an absolute no no. You don't particularly enjoy alcohol but you also know a night isn't complete without it. Fashion is a degree to you and your favorite color happens to be 'pink'.



You're a lot of fun. You enjoy drinking on weekends but you know there is more to life. You're the one who travels when you get the time and you also love to sing along with your friends at karaoke.



You're smart, focused and mostly in control when there isn't hard liquor involved. You're serious and you know how to respect a night out. You value conversation but you also enjoy spending time with yourself. You're also classy and confident enough to stand all by yourself at the bar.


Bloody Mary

You're well balanced and enjoy life with all its differences. You like to believe alcohol's good for people but also know if you let loose you'll develop a heavy drinking problem. So instead, you mask it under tomato juice and a hint of tabasco.


Rum and Coke

You appreciate the simple things in life and enjoy your drinks. You can't pull an all nighter but you can comfortably blend in with all kinds of groups. You've got varied interests in life but don't always make healthy choices.




You respect the hell out of 'ladies nights' and believe it's up to you to claim those free drinks at the bar. You work around the clock and have no patience for men when you're out drinking with the ladies.


Long Island Ice Tea

Just like your choice of cocktail you'll probably be lethal as well. You're strong and you know it. You have zero tolerance for those who make small talk and aren't ashamed to crawl back home drunk. You live each day like it's the last and them boys love your company, especially on a drinking night. You're also open to almost every type of liquor and you're not afraid to show that in the middle of summer or winter.


Jäger Bombs

You're as confident as the boy next door and absolutely nothing can pull you down. You believe holding a glass for most part of the night is for losers and you dance away the night every time you step out. College was the best time of your life and you aren't afraid to relive it on weekends. You're an internet junkie and share everything you find funny or interesting on your Facebook page.


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