6 South Indian Snacks That Scream Indulgence

From crispy murukku to soft stuffed idlis, we bring you these hand-picked snacks from South India that you would love to make at home and relish.
  • 6 South Indian Snacks That Scream Indulgence

    South India has given us a variety of dishes to relish. From the comforting idli, sambar and vada to more complex and traditional flavours of chicken curries, mango kuzhambu and fish gassi- these dishes are loved by one and all across the country. That's not all. It also offers an extensive variety of snacks that makes for a perfect meal, when paired with a hot cup of chai. You can easily make them at home too. Here're 6 of the best South Indian snacks that you can make at home. Take a look at the recipes.
  • Banana Chips

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    These chips are easy to make and can be enjoyed in any season. You can keep it simple or choose to add any masala of your choice. This snack will always be a comfort food, and you can store them in airtight containers for as long as you want.
  • Medhu Vada

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    This crispy and delicious vada is a popular snack - readily available at any street corner across South India. You can also make it easily at home and enjoy with some chutneys by the side.
  • Stuffed Idli

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    Soft and fluffy idlis, stuffed with dal and nuts - this dish tastes delicious. It is also healthy and keeps you full for long.
  • Punugulu

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    Punugulu is a popular street food from Andhra Pradesh that is made with idli or dosa batter. Here, onions, coriander leaves, yogurt, and idli batter is combined to form a mixture, which are then deep-fried until golden in colour.
  • Murukku

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    This crunchy, spicy, and delicious snack is popular in a South Indian household. Pair it with your evening tea and enjoy.
  • Aloo Bonda

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    Usually enjoyed as a tea time snack, this dish is made by mixing mashed potatoes and spices of your choice. It is deep-fried and then served with chutneys.
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