7 Indian Dessert Recipes Under 30 Minutes

From halwa to kheer and ladoos - we just love devouring those delicious traditional desserts. Here we handpicked some of our favourite Indian desserts that can be prepared under 30 minutes. Take a look.
  • 7 Indian Dessert Recipes Under 30 Minutes

    Indians and 'meetha' go hand in hand. The pleasure one receives upon biting into a delicious slice of mithai is indescribable. With different cultures and traditions, every state has its own flavours and versions of a mithai. And when there are so many varieties of these sweet treats, it becomes difficult to control yourself from trying it all. As the craze and love for traditional mithai increase, we bring you seven sweets you can make in just 30 minutes!
  • Kesari Shrikhand

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    Shrikhand is a delicious velvety Gujarati delicacy that can be devoured joyfully. Also popular in Maharashtra, this dish is made using a combination of chilled milk and thick yoghurt. It is a no-fuss dish and can be easily made at home.
  • Mango Sewiyan

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    Sewiyan, or vermicelli, is a delicious and simple dish that is roasted in ghee and boiled in milk with dry fruits. To make this yet more scrumptious, add mangoes to this milky dessert and give it a fruity twist. Chill the mango sewiyan before serving.
  • Dates Barfi

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    It's yummy, healthy and filling and takes just 10 minutes to cook. Thanks to the natural sweetness of dates, this dish doesn't need any additional sugar in the recipe.
  • Makai Ki Galvani

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    A popular sweet dish from Rajasthan, makai ki galvani is made by mixing Makai flour with jaggery, ghee, water and cardamom powder. It also makes for a festive dish, popularly served as a ?prasad' among the Jains.
  • Kharbooje Ki Kheer

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    Muskmelon kheer, also known as kharbooje ki kheer, is one unique dessert that one must give a try. Rice paste and thick melon pulp boiled together in a creamy milk mixture - this dish spells indulgence. Muskmelon is high on vitamins A and C and low in calories, making this Indian delicacy a good choice for those on a low-calorie diet.
  • Coconut Ladoo

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    This coconut ladoo is a delectable treat created with only a few simple ingredients. In addition, instead of sugar, condensed milk is used to sweeten these ladoos.
  • Mawa Anjeer Barfi

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    This sugar-free Indian delicacy is easy to make and is packed with crumbled mawa, cashews, almonds, and figs. It takes less than a half-hour to prepare.
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