7 South Indian Breakfast Recipes To Kick Start Your Day

We have listed some of the most popular South Indian recipes that will help you give a healthy and wholesome start to the day.
  • 7 South Indian Breakfast Recipes To Kick Start Your Day

    Breakfast, as we know, is one of the most important meals of the day. Usually, most of us prefer to have parathas, upma, poha, bread or butter for this meal. But if you want to give a twist to your boring Breakfast, try some yummy south Indian breakfast options that are absolutely delicious to have. South Indian food is all about comfort and a burst of flavours. Over the years, this cuisine has not only become a part of routine dishes, but our love for it has grown so much that people across the country have started making more regional dishes from this cuisine. So, this time kick start your day with these South Indian breakfast recipes.
  • Rava Dosa

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    Crispy, fried and heavenly are the words that best describe this dosa! You can add any vegetables you like to this or pair it with any kind of poriyal to make this dish fulfilling.
  • Buttermilk Sambar

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    This sambhar made with buttermilk has a tangy flavour and is topped with some spicy tadka. Pair it with any idli, vada, dosa or uttapam.
  • Medu Vada

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    If you're in a mood to have something crispy and indulgent, then medu vada is the perfect dish to make. Spruce it up with some coconut chutney and serve piping hot.
  • Ven Pongal

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    Cooked with rice and lentils and topped with a dollop of ghee, this Breakfast is a classic recipe. It's light, simple and absolutely delicious. Pair it with chutney or sambhar.
  • Uttapam

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    Made with rice and dhuli urad dal, uttapam is filled with any vegetables you like, and you can customise flavours according to your liking-pair with with chutney or sambhar.
  • Puttu

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    This popular coconut flavoured idli is a delicacy of Kerala and is steamed in a banana leaf. This dish is ready in just 20 minutes.
  • Kerala Vegetable Stew

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    If you have any leftover vegetables from last night, use them to make this automatic and delicious vegetable stew-spice with cinnamon and a handful of curry leaves.
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