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Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Make sinful Easter eggs using the finest white chocolate coverture from Callebaut. This recipe calls for cocoa butter colours to decorate the eggs.

  • Total Cook Time 40 mins
  • Prep Time 10 mins
  • Cook Time 30 mins
  • Recipe Servings6
  • Medium

Ingredients of Chocolate Easter Eggs

  • 250 gm Callebaut white chocolate
  • 50 gm IBC cocoa butter colours (black, pink, yellow and red)
  • Chocolate egg mould sheets

How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs

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Note: Ensure you work in an air-conditioned room set at 18 degrees Celsius.
Melt the cocoa butter colours in a double boiler until the thermometer reads 45 degree Celsius and temper it down to 27 degree Celsius.Then using a brush, create patterns in the moulds.Leave the sheets aside.
Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler until the thermometer reads 45 degree Celsius and temper it down to 25 degree Celsius.
White Chocolate can also be tempered by a technique called seeding. For this, melt 3/4th of the chocolate to 45 degree Celsius. Add the remaining 1/4th portion of white chocolate to it and stir until the chocolate cools down to 25 degree Celsius. Reheat it again to 27 degree celsius to start moulding.
Pour this chocolate into the prepared moulds to fill them completely. After 10 seconds, turn the moulds upside down to remove excess chocolate. At this stage, the moulds should have an even coating of chocolate in them.
Scrape off any excess chocolate from the edges and let the moulds rest until the chocolate completely solidifies.
Carefully release the chocolate shells from the moulds to capture the coloured patterns on them.
Using a warm tray, heat the open ends of the shell to slightly melt the chocolate and immediately stick the two halves together to form eggs. You can also fill the eggs with candies before sealing the edges.
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