Croissants Recipe

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  • Difficulty Level: Difficult

A croissant is a buttery flaky French bread roll which can be made with or without a filling. It's slightly tedious to make but undoubtedly worth it!

Ingredients of Croissants

  • Oven temp: 190 C- 375 F
  • 4 cups flour (maida)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • 2 tsp yeast - powdered
  • 1 cup milk - luke warm
  • 1 egg-slightly beaten
  • 1 cup butter-beaten to a soft consistency (like the dough)

How to Make Croissants

  • 1.Mix sugar into the milk and sprinkle yeast over it.
  • 2.Leave in a draught free place to froth. (Till it doubles, for about 20 minutes)
  • 3.Mix flour and salt.
  • 4.Add the milk and egg and knead to a smooth dough.
  • 5.Roll out the dough into 1 inch thickness.
  • 6.Spread small pieces of butter on 2/3 of dough.
  • 7.Fold together into three layers like folding a napkin, first the part without butter.
  • 8.Roll out and fold again.
  • 9.Repeat three or four times.
  • 10.Leave in a cold place for 1/2 hour between each rolling.
  • 11.Roll and cut into square pieces, spread filling of your choice and roll from one corner, diagonally towards the opposite corner.