Ghavan Recipe

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How to make Ghavan

About Ghavan Recipe: A dosa like dish that you can make in a few minutes with just three ingredients! Made with rice and salt, Ghavan is a traditional Maharashtrian breakfast dish from the Konkan region annd is quite similar to neer dosa from the south. Ghavan is often prepared on festivals in Maharashtra such as Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ingredients of Ghavan

  • 330 gms raw rice
  • 160 gms salt
  • Oil (as needed)

How to Make Ghavan

  • 1.Soak rice in water for 5 hours.
  • 2.Grind the rice to a paste, add salt and water to make a slightly watery batter.
  • 3.Heat a non-stick tawa and add the batter from the edge of the tawa and slowly move to the centre.
  • 4.Spread evenly and reduce the heat.
  • 5.Remove from pan once cooked and serve with a choice of curry.
Key Ingredients: raw rice, salt, Oil (as needed)