Smoked Cinnamon Recipe

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Smoked Cinnamon
How to make Smoked Cinnamon
  • Recipe Servings: 1
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
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  • Difficulty Level: Easy

A refreshing cocktail by The Beer Cafe brings you a concoction of cinnamon syrup, apple juice and whisky. Served with a smoldering stick of cinnamon in a old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes.

Ingredients of Smoked Cinnamon

  • 20 Ml Cinnamon syrup
  • 40 Ml Apple juice
  • 40 Ml Whisky

How to Make Smoked Cinnamon

  1. 1.Take old fashioned glass filled with ice and add 20 ml Cinnamon syrup.
  2. 2.Add 40 ml apple juice followed by 40 ml of whisky.
  3. 3.Stir well.
  4. 4.For garnish, take cinnamon stick and smoke it with the use of lighter. (only to be smoked and not burned)
  5. 5.Insert the heated cinnamon stick in drink and serve.
Key Ingredients: Cinnamon syrup, Apple juice, Whisky