Kitchen Appliance Review: Our Pick for The Best Single-Door Budget Refrigerator

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Kitchen Appliance Review: Our Pick for The Best Single-Door Budget Refrigerator

Gone are the days when a refrigerator was considered to be a luxurious addition to the kitchen. These days, it is a basic necessity, a must-have appliance and there are no two ways about it. With summers in full swing, a refrigerator is ever so important to keep the food safe and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Luckily, there are several leading companies in the market, each with a varied range of refrigerators on offer and catering to different segments of the society. Once you hit a home appliances store, not only will you get some of the most stylish, hi-tech and fancy refrigerators but smaller, cheaper and budget friendly ones as well. Currently, refrigerators start from as low as INR 6,000 and go up to lakhs depending on their various functions.

(Kitchen Appliance Review: The Best Refrigerator In India)

Our competitive analysis focuses on budget friendly models that are equipped with features but come at an affordable price. We bring you a roundup of the best single-door refrigerators in India under 200L capacity. These models have been nominated by the top brands in the country.

Samsung, LG, Haier, Panasonic and Whirlpool nominated their best models whereas Electrolux and Videocon did not respond hence we shortlisted the most popular models for these brands which were also easily available in the retail market - there may be other models from the same brands available under this segment. Our analysis is independent and based on a thorough research of the budget fridge market.



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Analysis: Single Door, Direct Cool Refrigerator (<200L)

Meet the Contenders

Whirlpool 215 ICEMAGIC PREMIER 45 comes with a 4 star rating and an energy consumption of 240 units kWh annually. The model boasts of advanced cooling system with a powerful compressor that facilitates quick ice making. It comes with an exclusive PowerCool technology that ensures cool retention for up to 12 hours during power cuts. Other features include: Advanced Moisture Control knob, in-built freshonizer, and hexafresh technology which helps maintain optimum moisture thereby keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 7 days.

Its chiller has the capacity to store up to four 1 ltr bottles and can chill up to two times faster. Apart from this, it comes with three shelves along with an extra toughened shelf and a dedicated space for storing condiments. The market retail price of the model is INR 15,625.


LG's Direct Cool Single-door Refrigerator designed with Power Cut EvercoolTM technology ensures 7 hours of cooling retention during long power cuts, preserving the freshness of the food. It features fastest ice making technology, up to 20% faster with a specially designed patented tray. It also has Moist Balance Crisper that can make an optimum moisture level in vegetable drawers and keep your vegetables longer and fresher.

The powerful compressor of the refrigerator ensures better energy efficiency ratio and can operate at voltage as low as 135V and as high as 290V, excluding the requirement of a stabilizer. The refrigerator features easy to clean removable airtight gasket that seals in the freshness and keeps out bacteria. It also effectively stops mould spores from entering and spoiling the food inside, keeping it healthy and hygienic for longer periods. It is priced at INR 14,990.


Haier's HRD-2156BR-H comes packed with 1 HIT (1 hour icing technology) which facilitates quick chilling. According to the company, in 60 minutes the temperature of the freezer can be pulled down to -50 degree C. It is a 5 star model that comes with a VC Fresh technology that helps in retaining nutritional value and freshness of fruits and vegetables for 5 times longer than a normal refrigerator.  It also has a cool-pad that maintains temperature up to 10 hours during power cuts.


It comes with a stabilizer-free operation, an anti-fungal removal gasket that prevents germs and bacteria formation in the door lining, toughened glass shelves, fast chill spacious chiller tray for extra storage of cans and bottles. It runs on a normal compressor and offers a great deal in terms of energy consumption which is at 205 (kWh) per year. It comes with a 10 year warranty and priced at INR 14,300.

Panasonic NR-A195STWF is a 4 star model that offers 5 year warranty as well as a cool pack that ensures keeping food items cool for up to 8 to 10 hours. It runs on a tropical compressor and consumes close to 268 kWh of energy per year. This model comes with toughened glass shelf, door lock, transparent interiors, cool lock technology, stabilizer free operation, and a door lock. It is priced at INR 14,490.


Videocon VIL205TC 5 star Signature Direct Cool Refrigerator brings quality features for its customers. It comes with 1+4 years warranty. It has 5 star rating, anti-bacterial door gasket, in-situ door foam and D type handle. There is an external condenser.

You will get transparent egg tray, cover crisper, shelf bottle, shelf utility, transparent freezer door and 1 ice tray. VCM door finish is also there which makes it look more attractive. It is equipped with cool booster, transparent tray fresh room and toughened glass shelves. Power deodorizer and lock is also there for you convenience. This model is priced at INR 15,490.


Electrolux EJL205T has Euro Chill cool pack that provides cooling retention for up to 5 hours in case of power cuts. Special Deofresh deodorizer eliminates odours and keeps the food fresh. Tempered glass shelves can bear load of up to 100 kilos and are spill proof. This 5 star model consumes 260 units of energy in a year and comes along with two adjustable shelves, fast freezing, door lock, bottle supporter, support utility, chill tray, crisper cover and a crisper. It comes with a 5 year warranty and costs INR 15,490.


Samsung RR19J2784YT has a distinctive Crown design with a sleek round-top shape and a choice of three vivid colours. The high-performance Coolpack and Cool Door keep food frozen for up to 12 hours by maintaining the internal temperature below 0º C. It is stabilizer free and works steadily preventing electrical damage in case of any voltage fluctuations.

Apart from these it comes with anti-bacterial gasket, safe clean back for its internal vital components. It also provides added durability by protecting them from accidental bumps and knocks. It can fit in three 2L bottles and a 1L in the door at the same time.


BrandCapacityStar RatingEnergy ConsumptionAdded FeaturesWarrantyPrice (MRP)
Whirlpool 215 ICEMAGIC PREMIER 45 WINE ADONIS200L4*240 Units6th Sense PowerCool Technology, PowerCool Zone - 12 Hour Cooling Retention, Advanced Moisture Control Technology Crisper, Extra Shelf, Reciprocating compressor, Stabilizer Free operation5 Year15,625/-
LG GL-B205KVHP190L4*245 UnitsPowercut EvercoolTM (cool-pad technology), Reciprocating compressor, quick ice making, Egg cum ice tray, toughened glass shelves and Moist Balance crisper cover tray, lock, stabilizer free operation ( 135v - 290v)5 year14,990/-
Haier HRD-2156BR-H195L5*205 UnitsStabilizer Free operation ( 135v - 290v), Bright LED light, Cool Pad - Retains Cooling up to 10 Hours even after Power cut, Rotary (normal compressor), 1 Hour Icing Technology, open door alarm, toughened glass shelves10 year14,300/-
Panasonic NR-A195STWF/GF/SF190L4*268 UnitsStabilizer Free operation, cool pack, cool lock technology, toughened glass shelves, transparent interiors, door lock5 year14,490/-
Videocon VIL205TC190L5*220-240 UnitsAuto cooled compressors, anti-bacterial gasket, cover crisper, lock, power deodorizer, toughened glass, cool booster5 year15,490/-
Electrolux EJL205T190L5*260 UnitsEuro chill (cool pack), euro fresh deodorizer, tempered glass shelves, adjustable shelves, fast freezing, door lock, crisper NA15,490/-
Samsung RR19J2784YT192L4*249 UnitsCool pack, cool door, toughened glass shelves, stabilizer free operation, anti-bacterial gasket, easy clean, durable back, retro colours5 year15,800/-

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Our Pick:We have looked closely at every model and narrowed down on our favourite, which scores high on energy efficiency, basic features and pocket friendliness. When a model has a 5 star rating along with smaller energy consumption units per year, it translates into energy conservation and money saving. This, along with added features like cool pad technology is a bonus.

Both Electrolux and Videocon have models with 5 star rating, 190L capacity and other basic features  like toughened glass shelves, antibacterial gasket, door lock and so on. We found no information about the cool pack technology for Videocon whereas the warranty offered by Electrolux EJL205T was not available on the company's site. Both are priced at INR 15,490 as spotted on various online shopping portals like Amazon and Snapdeal.

Both Electrolux and Videocon have models that enjoy 5 star rating, 190L capacity and other basic features like toughened glass shelves, antibacterial gasket, door lock and so on. We found no information about the cool pack technology for Videocon whereas the warranty offered by Electrolux EJL205T was not available on company's site. Both are priced at 15,490/-.

Electrolux EJL205T and Videocon VIL205TC didn't impress us much as they seemed high on energy consumption as well as pricing.


Panasonic NR-A195STWF comes at an attractive cost, studded with all the basic requirements that a single door, budget refrigerator should have. However, it is the highest when it comes to energy consumption (268 kWh annually). It also stands with a 4 star BEE rating.

Whirlpool and Samsung nominated models that were impressive but came with 4 star rating, with energy consumption of close to 240 units annually. Cool pack technology, anti-bacterial gasket, stabilizer free operation, and toughened glass shelves are some of the features that were found to be common across all brands.

Both the models come with a 5 year warranty, and are competitively priced at INR 15,625 and 15,800 respectively. Both the models are stylish, efficient, and spacious but comparatively heavy on a budget friendly pocket.

It boiled down to LG and Haier: It was a close call between LG GL-B205KVHP and Haier HRD-2156BR-H, but Haier emerged as the winner. This is because it combines energy efficiency (205 kWh) and 5 star BEE rating with great features (Cool pack, cooling retention up to 10 hours), open door alarm, a whopping 10 year warranty (on compressor) and other basic features - all this at a market retail price of INR 14,300.

Special credit must also be given to Samsung, which won our hearts in terms of style. If you don't mind shelling out a little extra for style statement and adding a glamour quotient to your kitchen space, Samsung should be your pick.

*Please note that the models are quoted at their respective market retail price and may be available in the market at cheaper rates. Samsung is available at MOP INR 15,000/- and Panasonic is available at the MOP of INR 13,900/- others have not shared their market operation price with us.

*Energy consumption per year also depends on the usage of the refrigerator and the frequency at which your fridge is opened. The more the compressor works, the more energy it consumes. All single door refrigerators are direct cool types.

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