Taste Test - Which is The Best Dark Chocolate Bar?

Written by Shivangana Vasudeva  |  Updated: June 26, 2017 17:09 IST

Taste Test - Which is The Best Dark Chocolate Bar?
A loyalist will tell you that chocolate in any form is good but recently the dark variety has been creeping up on the popularity charts. It often makes us reach out for that second bar due to its super powers. A recent research uncovered the healthy heart benefits of dark chocolate and how it supports the gut bacteria to produce anti-inflammatory compounds.

Here's more for you to chomp on, dark chocolate can actually get you glowing from within! A group of German researchers studied that dark chocolate contains flavonoids that increase blood flow to the skin which helps in improving its hydration and complexion. At NDTV, we have to admit, the idea of doing a dark chocolate taste test made our cheeks glow (well, quite literally!). No matter what the intensity of the chocolate each one of us picked, there was a healthy debate about its bittersweet taste.

Selection Procedure

At NDTV, we frequently pick up various food categories and do a blind taste test of brands across the board. For this dark chocolate taste test, the brands we picked are available at leading supermarkets across the country.


Hershey's, Kit Kat Dark, Toblerone, Cadbury Bournville and Lindt 70% Cocoa.
All the brands that were blind tasted

The five brands were blind tasted and scored on a scale of 10. The following parameters formed the basis of our rating -

A slight bitterness that comes from cocoa that's blended with sweet.

Did the chocolate leave a  lingering chocolate flavor?

A smooth, velvety feel.  A smooth texture shows that the cocoa beans are well ground. Being grainy or gritty is a complete downer.
 The blind taste test of dark chocolates

We conducted the taste test keeping the following in mind -
  • The chocolates were all at room temperature and kept away from the heat which may cause a whitish layer to develop.
  • We used water as a palate cleanser while comparing the different brands.
  • A snap sound for the darks indicates a high percentage of cocoa.
  • The aroma of the chocolate is important as it enhances its taste.
  • The chocolate should produce a cooling sensation on the tongue and melt quickly, indicating the presence of cocoa butter.

Brand 1 - Hershey's

Score: 7/10

The first in the lineup was Hershey's.  With sweet notes complimenting the bitter undertones, this one is sure to score high with chocoholics. A good chomp but could have been great if it was a tad less sweet. The texture of the chocolate was every bit smooth and buttery.

Brand 2 - Kit Kat Dark

Score: 6/10

This crisp mix of wafer and dark chocolate is a great crowd pleaser. For us, its taste bore resemblance to a regular Kit Kat and the presence of wafer somehow distracted from the flavor of a dark chocolate.

Brand 3 - Toblerone

Score: 5/10

The texture of this chocolate was far from being smooth, though the taste did have a bit of a character. The texture just didn't work but the flavour compensated a bit for it.  It was an ok balance between cocoa and sugar but nothing memorable to offer.

Brand 4 - Cadbury Bournville

Score: 4/10

This brand hit the rock bottom of our rankings as the taste was nothing overwhelming. The faint dark chocolate taste and almost no after taste, left use disappointed. The flavor just didn't tempt us to go for round two. A good bar of chocolate melts quickly; we felt this one took longer than it should.

Brand 5 - Lindt 70% Cocoa

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Score: 8/10

If you're looking for something more intense on the dark chocolate scale, Lindt is the way to go! It scored big with the entire team for its flavor which was sharp and pure - a nice bitter bite with an addictive aroma. It melted perfectly on our tongue. The only turn off was a slight salty aftertaste. Also, when compared to the texture of Hershey's, which we absolutely loved, this bar was a bit dry. Nevertheless, the overall appeal made us lose ourselves to its charm and it rocketed to the top.

It was clearly a fight between Lindt and Hershey's for the top spot. Lindt had a salty aftertaste, while we found Hershey's a bit too sweet though the texture was great. However, like all good things in life that come with a price, Lindt was way more expensive than Hershey's. If you're willing to pay that extra bit, you'll be left with a sweet aftertaste.

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