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  • Delicious Movies - Oscar Menu Compilations 2

    The ArtistThe marvelous era of silent films set in luminous black and white is brought back beautifully and how. The Artist manages to draw in the crowds with its magnificent flow of story, unforced background ...

  • Delicious Movies - Oscar Menu Compilations 3

    Midnight in ParisThere is something about Woody Allen and his ability to create infallibly charming movies that go beyond the Oscars. Set amidst the lush and the absolutely gorgeous backdrop of Paris, the movie tells ...

  • Breakfast of Champions: Georgia O'Keeffe's Chile Verde

    Transport yourself to the artist's beloved New Mexico with her green pepper sauce recipe.

  • Sevilla, The Claridges

    Sevilla has impressed many, and its beautiful ambiance is one of the recurring reasons. As for the name and the concept, the official website explains - "named after Seville, the artistic and cultural capital of ...

  • The Artists' Palette: Good Food is as Good as it Looks

    A universal truth that continues to hold good is the appeal that good-looking food has. It proves the old saying: "We feast from our eyes and not from our mouth."The French have a long-standing love ...

  • 11 Best Sponge Cake Recipes | Cake Recipes | Easy Cake Recipes

    Sponge cake recipes: One of the first things I learnt from my grandmother, the perfect sponge should be moist with a fine crumb. It's easy to get this with the right recipe and utterly disappointing ...