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  • Pista Chocolate & Mandarin

    About Pista Chocolate & Mandarin Recipe: A delectable traditional dessert made with a balance of pista and chocolate in a beautiful tricolor way. Pista chocolate and mandarin from kitchen of The Westin is the perfect ...

  • Mandarin, Litchi & Pistachio Eclair

    About Mandarin, Litchi & Pistachio Éclair Recipe: A Republic day special eclair recipe! Three eclairs representing the tricolor with flavours of mandarin, litchi and pistachio. Prepare these eclairs at home and relish with family ...

  • Tricolor Thai Fruit Jelly

    About Tricolor Thai Fruit Jelly Recipe: A mouth-watering dessert to gorge on! Thai fruit jelly is a delicious, sweet and immensely refreshing jar of dessert that you can prepare at home with a few simple ...

  • Tricolour Salad

    About Tricolour Salad Recipe: A fresh, healthy and absolutely delicious salad recipe. Packed with the goodness of carrots, green papaya and cucumbers, this dish of salad is curated in the colours of India's national flag. ...

  • Apricot and Cardamom Dome

    About Apricot and Cardamom Dome Recipe: A delectable dessert recipe specially curated in tricolor on the occasion of Republic day. edible colours, white chocolate, apricotm cardamom and whipped cream comes together for this mouth-watering sweet ...

  • Tricolor Cheesecake

    About Tricolor Cheesecake Recipe: A fresh and delicious Greek dish, cheesecake is one dessert that you can never say no to! With layers of cream cheese topped on biscuits to relish, this is a favourite ...

  • Tricolor Chicken Dumplings

    About Tricolor Chicken Dumplings Recipe: The all-time favourite snack, dumplings, dipped in the flavour of patriotism! Relish these delicious dumplings at the comfort of your home.

  • Tricolor Pinwheel Bites

    About Tricolor Pinwheel Bites Recipe: A quick sandwich recipe for kids, Pinwheel sandwiches are small sandwiches curled up in a roll filled with spiced ketchup, butter, salt and pepper. A delicious breakfast or snack recipe ...

  • Zucchini Boat Stuffed with Tricolor Risotto

    About Zucchini Boat Stuffed with Tricolor Risotto: A perfect dish to celebrate Independence day! Healthy, delicious and easy, this dish boasts of zucchini filled with risotto, cream and parmesan cheese.

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