• Archaeologists Found 5000-Year-Old Fridge Inside An Ancient Pub In Iraq

      The US-Italian team also unearthed benches, cooking bowls and leftover food, in a site dating back to 2700 BCE.

    • Did You Know? Your Favourite Foods Could Disappear Due To Climate Change

      Climate change may make some crops extinct, while others may become extremely scarce. Here's all you need to know!

    • Kava, The Drink Soothing The Stress Of NY Millennials

      Kava -- a root ground to powder, mixed with water and then strained -- might taste like muddy water and make fans gag without a fruit juice chaser or blended into a "kavatail,"

    • Researchers Unveil Advances in Cancer Diagnostics

      Existing tests to detect cancer markers in blood require large samples, and are time-consuming and costly, say experts

    • UK Cancer Rates to Rise Faster Among Women Than Men

      The most common cancers in Britain are breast, prostate, lung and bowel, accounting for 53 percent of new cases annually.

    • Health Experts Urge Focus On Cancer Prevention

      According to the WHO, with prevention, on the other hand, as much as a third of cancers can be avoided today.

    • Brews Brothers: Norman Monks Revive Ancient Beer Tradition

      Behind the centuries-old stone walls of a Benedictine monastery in northern France, monks are busy bringing a long-lost tradition back to life.

    • Heart Disease Epidemic Will Rise in China: Study

      High blood pressure in China has risen from 7.7 percent of the population in 1979 to 33.5 percent in 2010.

    • How Much Exercise Will Lower Chronic Disease Risk?

      Most health authorities issue guidelines on the bare minimum required to help ward off numerous ailments made worse by a sedentary lifestyle.

    • Brazilian Restaurants Turn Waste Back Into Food

      Cities in Brazil, the economic giant of Latin America, throw out more than 75 million tons of trash a year.

    • The Italian Wine Star That Came Back From Oblivion

      A greeny-gold white starting to earn an international reputation for its distinctive minerally edge and ageing potential.

    • Chai Stirred Into Silicon Valley Coffee Culture

      In a Silicon Valley culture known for brilliant ideas boiling up in coffee shops, Gaurav Chawla is pouring his heart into chai.

    • Anything Goes as French Liqueurs Keep Up With World Trends

      French liqueurs are reliable "ambassadors of quality", an industry leader says.

    • President Obama Gets a Taste of Famous Pork Soup in Vietnam

      While 54-year-old restaurant owner Nguyen Thi Lien knew a foreign television crew was on the way, she had no idea they would be bringing a very special guest.

    • Healthy Aging Has Little to Do with Age: Study

      The most unhealthy are those with uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure, and who often face challenges getting around and performing daily tasks.

    • Louis Vuitton Fried Chicken' Owner Fined in South Korea

      A South Korean court has ordered a fried chicken restaurant owner to pay 14.5 million won ($12,500) for refusing to comply with a ban on using the luxury Louis Vuitton brand name for his outlet.

    • China Wields Increasing Power in World Wine Market: Study

      China remains the main driver of growth in the global wine industry.

    • South Africans Sweet on Sugary Drinks Despite Fat Tax

      Manufacturers of sugar-sweetened drinks in South Africa believe the tax could lead to job losses.

    • This is How Pollutants Are Affecting the Quality of Fish and Your Health

      Fish that contain environmental pollutants may harm people who eat them by preventing the human body from doing its natural job of flushing out toxins, researchers have found.

    • EU Safety Experts Say Cherry Insecticide Could Carry Health Risk

      Dimethoate, an insecticide widely used to protect crops such as cherries, could be harmful to humans, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which advises EU policymakers.

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