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    • Local Grains: Farm To Bakery Bread is Hot

      Regionally sourcing flour for 15,000 pounds of bread a week is the equivalent of a lunar landing, but in Vermont one bakery has found the way to do so.

    • Beyond Gluten: Understanding Bread's Bad Rap

      Kissing Kucek and her colleagues reviewed more than 200 scientific research papers to see what is known about how different wheat varieties and our processing methods affect people's sensitivity to wheat.

    • Irish Soda Bread, An Old Treat Is Reborn

      I have no family recipe for soda bread, but I've made a beautiful mutt loaf that highlights my kitchen affinities.

    • Malt Makes The Leap From Brewing To Pancakes

      Although I love learning about people who are using grains, I don't drink anymore, and I never made beer. What use could I possibly have for barley malt?

    • The Secret To Great Craft Beer? Its The Malt

      Like milling helps turn wheat into bread, malting helps turn barley and other grains into beer. Malting is the process of germinating (sprouting) and then kilning grains, which allows access to the starches and enzymes necessary for fermentation.

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