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    • Fish Oil Benefits: It Could Help Prevent Mental Health Problems

      The results of a small study appear to show that a three month course of daily fish oil capsules could reduce the rate of psychotic disorders in young people.

    • Cheap Osteoporosis Drug Could Prevent a Sixth of Breast Cancer Deaths

      Study finds bisphosponates, which only cost 5p a day per patient, reduced risk of dying from breast cancer for postmenopausal women.

    • Chimpanzees in West Africa Observed Indulging in Habitual Drinking

      Inhabitants of forests in Bossou, south-eastern Guinea, enjoy rich, alcoholic brew fermented from sugary sap.

    • Genetics Plays Role in Deciding at What Age Women Have First Child, Says Study

      Delayed motherhood has often been ascribed to sociological factors, but new findings show a genetic component, which also links to number of children.

    • Personalised Cancer Treatment a Step Closer With World's First 'Living Biobank'

      Tissue grown from biopsies shown to closely mimic patients' tumours, allowing researchers to study specific mutations and identify most promising drugs.

    • A Low-Fat, High-Fibre Diet May Reduce Bowel Cancer Risk

      Tests on subjects who swapped a fatty, meat-heavy diet for foods rich in beans and vegetables found a drop in biological markers for cancer in just two weeks.

    • Personalised Cancer Vaccines Show Early Signs of Promise in Trial

      The approach, tested for the first time in people found that the vaccines caused the patients to launch powerful immune reactions against the tumours.

    • More Teenagers Trying E-Cigarettes Than Tobacco, US Study

      Some experts concerned that vaping may be pathway to nicotine addiction, but others say it is less dangerous than smoking

    • Electrical Brain Stimulation Beats Caffeine - and the Effect Lasts Longer

      Half an hour of brain stimulation on sleep-deprived military staff improved their performance twice as much as caffeineResearchers in the US have used electrical brain stimulation to boost the vigilance of sleep-deprived military personnel working on...

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