3 Things You Can Make From Bread Sides/Corners

Deeksha Sarin  |  Updated: May 06, 2019 10:26 IST

3 Things You Can Make From Bread Sides/Corners

Almost all of us love to gorge on juicy and stuffed sandwiches that are loaded with flavourful ingredients. However, while making them, most people get second thoughts of removing the brown borders (or crust or corner) of the bread. If you also happen to do the same but are guilty of wasting food, we're here to give you a simple solution. Say no to food wastage by turning those bread sides into easy and quick delectable dishes. Bread is one versatile ingredient that can be turned into various delights. From sandwiches, rolls and cutlets to pakodas, the list is endless. But now is the time to make use of bread sides and make them taste equally delicious.

The dishes prepared from bread sides are sure to be loved by kids and adults, alike. You can pack them in your kid's lunchbox or savour them as teatime snacks.

Here Are 3 Dishes That Can Be Made Using Bread Sides:

Garlic Bread Sticks

Have plans for weekend get-together party? If you have guests coming over to your place and you wish to serve them with something easy-to-make yet delicious, bring these leftover bread sides to your rescue. Just coat them with melted butter and smear some garlic paste on them. Sprinkle a bit of oregano and chilli flakes on the bread sides and put them inside an oven. Bake for 2-3 minutes and you have garlic bread sticks ready as a perfect party appetiser. Pair them with dips of your choice and your guests are going to shower you with compliments.

Breadcrumbs For Cutlet Coating

If you love to pair your evening cup of tea or coffee with cutlets, then this recipe is just for you! You can now make your cutlets even more crispy and perfect by coating them with breadcrumbs. All you need to do is blend all the bread sides in a mixer. The powdery and grainy breadcrumbs will give your cutlets the same look and taste we get in restaurants and cafes.

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Breadcrumbs make the cutlets crispy and delicious

Bread Poha

If you are running out of healthy breakfast options and wish to surprise your taste buds with something new and exciting, here is a fusion recipe for you - bread poha. You can now ditch flattened rice and use bread sides instead to make wholesome poha. Add in veggies of your choice and up the nutritional value of the breakfast dish.

So, the next time you plan to discard those bread sides, bring these recipes to your rescue and say no to food wastage.


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