10 Best Paratha Recipes

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10 Best Paratha Recipes

Parathas are dangerously desi, oozing with oil and bursting with local masalas. They have passed the test of time, fighting through the 20th century fast food blitz. It stands undisputed as the most favourite Indian food over chips and French fries. Apt for all fancy occasions and fit for the everyday lunchbox, parathas are legendary in the Indian food domain.

Its dizzying aroma captivates your senses and leaves you hunting for the nearest eating joint. Its form delights you to the extent when you would greedily grope at those thin pancakes stuffed with goodness and loaded with flavours. Taking a bite at it is like a ritual, a gastronomic necessity rather. It has traditionally been synonymous with mother's warmth and care; satisfying, uplifting and fulfilling in every sense. It is the heartbeat of the nation, for every Indian heart beats and craves for a morsel of PARATHA!

From the popular versions served at the Old Delhi's Parathe Wali Gali to the feather soft Malabar Parotta that melts in your mouth, here is a list loaded with variety. Discover your favourite parathas from all across the nation.

1. Lachcha Paratha
Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

This classic version of paratha has long been on top of the list for all food lovers. The crispiness and the crunch will register in your mind forever, making you want some more. Follow the recipe to make this yourself.


2. Dal Ka Paratha
Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

Wonder what to do with the leftover dal and dough? Mix them well with spices to arrive at this delectable dal paratha.


3. Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha
Recipe by Kunal Kapoor

This one isn't cooked on your regular tawa, turn the rules upside down and enjoy this Lakhnavi special by kneading the dough in milk and oil and finally cooking it lovely over an inverted tawa!

4. Malabari Parotta
Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

Straight from God's Own Country on to your plate. Made with maida and plentiful ghee, this Kerala special is likely to go on a winning spree, right from your taste buds to your heart.
5. Talwa Paratha
Recipe by Chef Marut Sikka

Here is your regular paratha made yummier. Stuffed with chillies, peas and spices, this one is fried in your kadahi!


6. Cabbage Stuffed Paratha
Recipe by Chef Ambika Gujar

Offer variety to your family by filling your regular parathas with cabbage, onions and hot desi spices.

7. Achaar Ka Paratha
Recipe by Chef Nishtha Asrani

Bringing together the best of the most loved Indian foods- Achaar and Paratha! Try filling your boring paratha with achaar masala to redefine your regular weekday meals.

8. Mixed Vegetable Paratha
Recipe by Chef Naresh Kumar Jaypee Vasant Continental

Enjoy the goodness of fresh veggies packed in the dough made of wheat flour.
9. Garlic Paratha
Recipe by Chef Marut Sikka

Generous dose of desi ghee added to garlic paste and yogurt to blend with the dough made of maida. Crispy, crunchy and refreshingly aromatic garlic paratha!
10. Methi Paratha
Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

CommentsGive your classic paratha a refreshing green treatment. Your regular parathas stuffed with methi and spiced up with flavourful masalas.

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