5 Yummy Ways To Use Your Left Over Parathas

You can spruce up your parathas using other common ingredients present in your kitchen like eggs, chocolate and cheese.

Sushmita Sengupta  |  Updated: February 19, 2020 14:27 IST

5 Yummy Ways To Use Your Left Over Parathas

Once parathas are cold they do not find enough takers

  • One of the most popular Indian breads, parathas are loved by all
  • A north Indian delight, parathas are super easy to make
  • Here's how you can use leftover parathas for more delicious dishes

Hot and straight off their tawa, that is how most of us like our parathas. However, the problem arises when there are a bit too many of them. You can try snugging them in casseroles, but once they are cold, they hardly find any takers. Does that mean you toss away the parathas? Not really, Indians know umpteen ways to minimise food wastage, and it is also a good practice to eat sustainably. If your parathas have not gone bad, you can spruce them up using other common ingredients present in your kitchen.

Here 5 yummy ways in which you can use your leftover parathas:

1. Home-Made Kathi Rolls

Love kathi rolls? You can create the street-style magic at home too. Take some leftover parathas, slather it with chutney or mayonnaise, throw in some onions, meat chunks or veggies, roll it up and gorge.

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You can create the street-style magic at home too

2. Pizza Paratha, Anyone?


Let's admit it, everybody is a fan of pizza. And a generous amount of cheese and sauce could save just about any dish. Spread some pizza sauce or tomato ketchup on your paratha, grate mozzarella cheese on top. Throw in herbs and veggies of your choice on top and microwave. Enjoy the cheesy delight in the comfort of your home.

3. Chocolate Paratha, Aye Or Nay?

Now we understand, fusion dishes can be tricky. But there is no harm in trying something new. In a microwave-proof bowl, add chopped (semi-sweet) chocolate, milk and butter. Microwave it for 2 minutes or till it melts. Spread the chocolate mix on to your parathas, throw in some chopped nuts and dry fruits on top like walnuts, almonds and cashews, and you are good to go.

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4. Protein-Rich Twist With Anda Paratha

Take a bowl, whip an egg with red chilly powder, black pepper, salt and chilly. Take the left-over paratha and place it on a hot griddle with oil. Now, gently pour the egg mixture on top of it. Flip it over. Your paratha just got a protein-rich makeover!

Anda paratha is a popular North-Indian preparation 

5. How About a Desi Burrito?

Burrito is a Mexican comfort dish, in which tortillas are wrapped with rice, beans and a variety of veggies and sauces. In your desi version, you can try to attempt something similar with paratha, rice, boiled rajma beans or chana, chutney, bell pepper and spices. Let us know how you liked it.

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If you have more ideas to make left-over parathas fun, do write to us in the comments section below.


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